Uncle George Returning to Windurra This Week

He's coming... He's coming...

George Morris is returning to Boyd and Silva Martin’s Windurra USA in Cochranville, PA this week to wreak havoc educate a hefty line-up including Boyd Martin, Phillip Dutton, Waylon Roberts, and more.

If you’re curious on what George has had to say to eventers in the past, you can read our recap on a previous Windurra clinic here.

Pearls of wisdom from the master.

Pearls of wisdom from the master.

Auditors are welcome for the clinic, which will be held Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Auditing passes are $60 per day. If you’re in the area, this is a great opportunity to and observe how George’s philosophies translate to how he instructs event riders.

It’s always great to see riders who seek out opportunities for continuing education, and while riding with George may require some mental courage, we’re firm believers that he’s one of the best authorities on proper horsemanship in the business.

George meme 2

Want some more George-isms in meme form? Never fear, we’ve got you covered. Click here for many more top quotes from George, and stay tuned for more from this week’s clinic!

Here are the ride times for Tuesday, May 26:

Boyd Martin
Molly Rosin
Caitlin Silliman
Jenny Caras
Jess Brumfield
Kate Hicks
Boyd Martin
Matt Brown
Phillip Dutton
Lauren Balcomb
Waylon Roberts
Mark Beecher
Erin Sylvester
Amy Ruth
Erika Nessler
Bradly Champagne
Mike Pendleton
Emily Smith
Jess Brumfield