Updates on Emporium, Fleeceworks Royal

Ashlynn Meuchel and Emporium. Photo by Shelby Allen.

We are pleased to report that both Emporium and Fleeceworks Royal are resting comfortably today.

Emporium, ridden by Ashlynn Meuchel, fell at fence 19C in the Head of the Lake, and Tamie Smith pulled up Fleeceworks Royal at fence 11, the EEI’s Challenge Accepted. Both were transported off course via horse trailer.

“He’s looking bright this morning, just needs to rest for a couple of days,” Ashlynn told EN. “His right front shoe was caught in his throat latch which is why he couldn’t get his feet under himself to get up.” Ashlynn was unharmed in the fall.

Kentucky Three-Day’s press team released the following statement this morning:

“Emporium, ridden Ashlynn Meuchel, sustained a fall during the cross country competition yesterday and was transported to Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. The horse continued to improve yesterday evening. The horse is currently resting comfortable at the hospital and doctors and Ashlynn are optimistic for a full recovery.”

“Fleeceworks Royal, ridden by Tamra Smith, had an injury to the left, front foot during the cross country phase of the competition. The horse was transported Hagyard Equine Medical Institute where surgeons determined that the best course of treatment would be surgical stabilization of the left front pastern. The surgery was performed last night and the procedure and recovery were both successful. The horse is currently resting comfortably at the hospital.”

Tamie Smith and Fleeceworks Royal. Photo by Abby Powell.

“She’s a fighter……as to be expected, there hasn’t been anything this fierce girl hasn’t overcome,” Tamie’s Next Level Eventing posted to Facebook this morning.

“Rory sustained a significant injury to her left front pastern yesterday while galloping Kentucky Three-Day Event. After landing off of a jump and feeling Rory wasn’t right Tamie quickly pulled up and Rory was transported to [Hagyard] where they felt that surgery would be the best possible outcome for Rory’s longevity. The surgery went very well and Rory recovered and is walking in her stall comfortable and cranky as ever.

“We’re happy to have been able to share with all of you what an amazing little mare she is and no matter what the outcome, Rory will be coming back home with us and that is the best news.”


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