Video Highlights from Chattahoochee Hills

While there were not many entered in the CIC3* or the Advanced this past weekend at Chattahoochee Hills, Hugh Lochore’s cross country course was channeling a little bit of Rolex with the water complex. Taking a page out of Derek di Grazia’s book, Hugh had riders ride out over two angled toothbrush fences that looked strangely familiar.

Jon Holling won the CIC3* with Proper Timing, followed by Nilson Moreira da Silva on Muggle and Elisa Wallace on Simply Priceless. The small Advanced HT was also won by Jon Holling, riding Zatopek B back from his unsuccessful Rolex attempt. They led wire to wire for some serious redemption, looking great the whole way around.

Jessica Bortner-Harris and Win the War held the overnight lead in the CIC3* after going clear on Marc Donovan’s show jumping course under the lights. Zach Brandt and Cavallino Cocktail also jumped clear. Many thanks to RNS Video for providing footage of the water complex on cross country, as well as Jessica and Zach’s show jumping rounds. Go Chatt Hills!

[Final Results]

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