Videos from The Fork

Wow, you have to love this high-speed information age!  Cross-country videos from the Fork are already posted on YouTube.  It’s almost as good as being there…enjoy!

Great recovery by Missy Miller (intermediate)
Awesome video from buzzterbrown, as usual.  (Hat tip to karimarie26 in the comment section, thanks for the link!)

Peter Atkins with the helmet cam riding HJ Hampton (Henry).  What a nice, confident trip they had around the Advanced course.  I love hearing Peter’s encouragement!  And John wasn’t kidding when he said there were a lot of corners out there…!


[John’s update: I’ve just arrived home from The Fork, and I’m about to implement a lesson I learned early on with Eventing Nation: don’t write for a website if you’re too tired to say the alphabet.  Besides, if you thought my jokes were bad when I am caught up on sleep… Anywho, we’ll have Monday N&N and much more from The Fork by lunchtime.]
3D3W took some video interviews at The Fork, visit 3D3W for more.  Will talks about preparing for Rolex…

…and David explains why eventers are cool.

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