Volunteer Nation: 5 Events That Could Use a Hand This Weekend

Photo by Leslie Wylie.

It’s springtime and that means the weather could be … anything. When volunteering, it’s smart to pack as if it could be 80 degrees and sunny and/or raining cats and dogs (aside: I’ve never really understood that expression, but it makes me giggle). That means everything from rainboots and umbrellas to sunscreen and wide-brimmed hats. You just never know, so better to be prepared!

Here are five events that could use a helping hand this weekend. As always, you can earn merit points when you donate your time through the USEA’s Volunteer Incentive Program. Registering to volunteer through EventingVolunteers.com makes it easy and seamless to both find a job and shift as well as learn what your role will entail.

USEA Events

Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials III

April 22nd, 2022 to April 23rd, 2022

Other Events

2022 Spokane Sport Horse One Day Spring

April 21st, 2022 to April 23rd, 2022

2022 USDF Loch Moy Spring Flings I & II

April 22nd, 2022 to April 24th, 2022