Volunteer Nation: These 4 Events Need Your Help This Weekend

Volunteers ROCK! Photo by Suzanne Adams.

One of the best parts of volunteering is the opportunity it affords to witness some truly spectacular riding up close and personal. Eventers are a busy bunch, and so it’s hard to find the time to volunteer while you’re showing — why not invite some of your friends or family up for the day and have them volunteer a few hours of their time? It’s a win-win: they get to see some class riding from “behind the scenes” and the event is able to have enough hands to run smoothly.

While coordinating efforts for horse trials at the Grand Oaks Resort in Ocala, Florida, Katie Wentz thought up the idea of a Volunteer Training Day. She saw an opportunity to really show potential volunteers how different positions work. To that end, this weekend she’ll host the first Training Day at Grand Oaks Resort, which will feature horses and riders schooling cross country to give volunteers a taste of jump judging. Equipment such as 2-way radios will be used so that volunteers can familiarize themselves with the process. Katie’s hope is to attract community members who may be interested in experiencing both eventing as well as combined driving. Interested in attending? RSVP to the event here.

And here are the other events running this weekend that need your help! Don’t forget, you can always visit EventingVolunteers.com to find out what events are coming up near you.

Event: Waredaca Classic 3 Day Event and Waredaca Recognized Fall Horse Trials
Date(s) volunteers needed: Friday, October 25 – Sunday, October 27
Address: 4015 Damascus Rd, Laytonsville, MD, 20882
Positions available: Dressage Score Runner, Event Prep – SJ, Event Takedown – Dressage, Hospitality Helper, XC Jump Judge, Phase A & C Checkpoint Judges, Vet Box Assistant

Event: Windermere Run Horse Trials
Date(s) volunteers needed: Today through Sunday, October 27
Address: 12600 Raytown Road, Grandview, MO, 64149
Positions available: Event Prep – Dressage, Event Prep – General, Event Prep – XC, General Help, Dressage Bit Check, XC Jump Judge, XC Score Runner, Event Prep – SJ, Event Takedown – Dressage, Event Takedown – XC, General Help, Event Takedown – SJ, Secretary – Awards, SJ In Gate, SJ Jump Crew, SJ Score Runner, SJ Timer, SJ Warm-up

Event: October TallBoots Schooling Horse Show
Date(s) volunteers needed: Saturday, October through Sunday, October 27
Address: 2814 Montrose Road, Raeford, NC, 28376
Positions available: SJ Jump Crew, SJ Scribe