Vote for the ‘Flyest Horse at Kentucky’ Groom’s Award

Meghan O’Donoghue and Palm Crescent. Photo by Shelby Allen.

We spend a lot of time talking about fashion choices and trot-up outfits at a five-star, but let’s take some time to celebrate the hardworking grooms of Kentucky! We love seeing horses turned out to the nines, and inevitably there is always a team of people dedicated to each horse’s happiness and wellbeing during an event.

We’ve teamed up with Ecovet and Horse & Rider Books, and a gift certificate from SmartPak to offer up a small token of thanks to the grooms at Kentucky this week, and our team has narrowed down the field (truthfully, it was basically impossible – you all did such a great job) to bring you the finalists. The winning groom will receive a gallon of Ecovet Fly Spray to help make the upcoming summer more bearable as well as a copy each of World Class Grooming and World Class Braiding from Horse & Rider Books. Not that any of these top grooms need any help, but the expertise of Emma Ford and Cat Hill can never lead you astray!

Here are the finalists for the Flyest Horse at Kentucky Groom’s Award, as well as some shots from “behind the runway” on a chilly day! Voting will close at the conclusion of Thursday’s dressage at 5 p.m. EST!

Now cast your vote! We’ll close the poll tomorrow and announce the winner!

It was hard to catch the horses after the jogs before they were quickly blanketed or led away, but enjoy some more tidbits from behind the scenes:

Posted by Jj Jayhawk Sillman onĀ Wednesday, April 21, 2021