Want to Become a More Resilient Rider? Sign Up for This Free Webinar from Noëlle Floyd

Liz Halliday-Sharp and Maryville Sir Henry. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

It is no secret that any endeavor involving horses requires more than a little resilience. Add in the complications thrown our way last year (and this year, let’s be honest), and it’s no wonder some of us have a little trouble finding that resilience we’re supposed to have in spades. Our friends at Noëlle Floyd want to help with this, and they’ve enlisted the help of Sport and Performance Psychologist Darby Bonomi, PhD for a free four-week webinar series beginning February 1.

This free webinar will take the format of Noëlle Floyd’s popular Masterclass series and is open to riders of all levels, at no cost. Here’s what to expect during the four weeks of programming:

Week 1: The Foundation

Understanding resilience and its building blocks. Defining what it means to you and how to apply it in riding and life.

Week 2: The Building Blocks of Resilience

Using a sense of perspective, honing your “why”, and creating a long term plan, to help you recover and bounce back in tough times.

Week 3: Personal Qualities and Skills of Resilient People

Understanding the key traits and skills that resilient people share, and how to develop these in yourself.

Week 4: Resilient Athletes: What it Takes to Develop and Maintain Resilience

Building on week 3, how to develop the skills, traits and use micro-recovery and macro-recovery to become resilient and stay resilient.

If you’re ready to build your resilience this year (I know I am!), click here to reserve your spot in this webinar.