Want to Win an Equilume Stable Light System? Here’s Your Chance!

Photo via Equilume.

I remember doing night check at the barn in the dead of winter. The barn I worked at had the type of lights that took a few minutes to heat up, especially in the coldest parts of winter in the Midwest. Slowly, each light would blink to life, bathing the aisle in bright, white light. Horses would poke their heads out of their stalls, sleepily blinking in the brightness, curious about their company.

I always wondered if one day, technology would catch up and provide barns with a better, healthier solution for lighting. Only recently did I learn about Equilume’s light therapy and stable lighting products – and now I wish for those night check evenings again, this time with an improved option!

The reality is that natural light has immeasurable benefits for horses’ health and wellbeing. A horse kept in a stall for any period of time can miss out on the benefits of natural light. That’s why Equilume set out to prove that proper light could actually enhance performance and, most importantly, improve health. Proven to improve early reproductive activity, foal birth weight, and gestation lengths, Equilume is a prime product for breeding facilities. In addition, blue light therapy has been shown to help horses enjoy their work and be more comfortable in their bodies.

Pricing for Equilume’s lighting and therapy options is not exorbitant – but free is always better, right? Well, if we’ve piqued your interest, you just might become a proud new owner of an Equilume stable lighting system. Here’s the skinny:

Three easy steps to enter!

  1. Watch this video (trust me, it’s worth it!) on the benefits of Equilume and how it work
  2. Share this Facebook post
  3. Sign up for Equilume’s email newsletter here.

A randomly selected winner will win 2 Equilume Stable Lights and 1 Controller for the system; the winner will be announced on the Equilume Facebook page on August 11. Best of luck!

Equilume Stable Light

⭐️⭐️ WIN an Equilume Stable Light System! ⭐️⭐️🔹Would you like to boost your horse's health, performance and well-being using our scientifically validated stable lights?🔹Used by leading equestrians worldwide, Equilume Stable Lights are having positive effects on all types of horses and ponies.🔹TO ENTER : 1) Watch our video to learn why light is important, 2) Share this post,3) Sign up for our newsletter: http://eepurl.com/g-ZI81PRIZE : 2 x Equilume Stable Lights + 1 controller.WINNER : Chosen at random and announced August 11th, 2020. (Please note: Any installation costs are responsibility of winner)www.equilume.com#betterwithblue

Posted by Equilume on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

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