Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Ride Around Mongolia (From Your Living Room)

One of the biggest bummers of this whole pandemic thing has been the necessity of staying in one place. As a nomadic sort of soul, I find my safe places on the road — as long as I keep moving, I feel like I’m home. Staying in one place for months on end? It wouldn’t usually be my style. But sometimes you’ve got to just lean into the circumstances you’re given, and find inventive ways to fill the void until you can get back to what you love. I’ve been ticking my travel boxes by sinking my teeth into travel show marathons (hello, Anthony Bourdain, I will always love you, God rest your soul), escapist films (it truly doesn’t get much better than Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, and I’m willing to die on that hill), and, of course, endless deep dives into travel books, planning and plotting my next adventures.

One of the horsey trips I’ve always dreamed of taking is a rather adventurous ride across the Mongolian steppe. Our intrepid editor Leslie Wylie took part in the Mongol Derby a few years back, an incredible — and slightly soul-destroying — undertaking that I always get pangs of envy over, but this week’s video is a slightly different spin on a similar concept. YouTube travel maven Eva zu Beck, who specialises in the places that mainstream travel media doesn’t cover, took two horses and a rucksack full of supplies and headed off into Mongolia’s extraordinary wilderness on her own. She documented the whole process — from planning the trip to eating salty milk tea soups in gers with families along the way — and created a 23-minute video that’s pure, delicious escapism. I’m not yearning for the rough and tumble nature of constant travel any less after watching it, but I definitely feel as though I’ve escaped my tiny cottage — and that, my friends, is the good stuff right now.

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