Watch Niklas Bschorer Make the Best Save at Badminton

As we return from yet another action packed weekend, we find ourselves reviewing the best moments from the events around the world. This particular moment from Badminton will not soon be forgotten, as it’s truly a display of both athleticism, determination, and more than a dash of sheer stubbornness.

German rider Niklas Bschorer was contesting his first Badminton with Tom Tom Go 3 when he encountered some trouble at the lake complex. Many pairs had this same issue, not quite making it to the bank on the correct stride, making for an awkward exit from the water and an impossible question in the bounce that followed.

Tom Tom Go 3, a 12-year-old Holsteiner gelding, knew he couldn’t make the bounce work and ducked to the side to regain his balance after all but scrambling up the bank. This motion tossed Niklas out the right door, but fortunately he was able to push off of the jump and somehow regain his position — after inflating his air vest, naturally.

Unfortunately, Niklas and Tom Tom Go 3 would retire on course, but they fought their way through this question with enough tenacity that we’re confident we’ll see them back again in no time at all.

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