Wednesday News & Notes from Haygain

Is there much better of a feeling than returning to the saddle after some time off? Our team here at EN is a mixed bag of current and former riders, and we love to cheer each other on as we wrangle with life, babies, jobs, and words about horses. EN’s Maggie Deatrick returned from a competition hiatus earlier this month with Cthulhu (or as he’s affectionately know, “Squid”), finishing 11th in her first Prelim since 2019. Welcome back, Maggie!

U.S Weekend Preview

Your only assignment this weekend is to enjoy the holiday break!

Wednesday News & Reading

Don’t forget to enter our Ultimate LRK3DE Giveaway! You and three friends could win tickets, premium tailgating for cross country, a travel voucher valued at $750, and Dubarry gear for the trip. Entries are open until 12/31, so don’t delay! [Fly Away to LRK3DE]

Part of competitive success is the ability to “get in the zone” — but this is, of course, much easier said than done. Daniel Stewart is back in his latest column with some thoughts on “mojo-mantras” and how they can encourage us to go into a flow state. Super interesting stuff. [Pressure Proof with Daniel Stewart]

Have provisions intended to protect racehorses from falling through the cracks failed? Is aftercare really at the top of the priority list for most stakeholders? Writing for Thoroughbred Daily News, Nicole Forbes makes the case that the system has, in fact, failed. “To be frank, it might be too late,” she writes. “I’m honestly not sure if we can act fast enough on an industry-wide solution to eliminate this crisis.” [Op/Ed: The System Has Failed]

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Edinburgh has sought to identify whether or not dressage judges’ marks are indicative of “conflict behaviors” and “horse antagonistic responses”, Horse Sport reports. With more attention being paid to horse body language, this study and its results will provide useful information that can be used to improve judging. [Conflict Behaviors and Dressage Scoring]

Not all candy canes are created equal — and your horse doesn’t actually need all the sugary treats this holiday season. As knowledge of equine nutrition continues to expand, sugar content comes under higher scrutiny in terms of its effects on overall health. Should you let your horse indulge this winter? [Sugars and Peppermints: Not Safe Treats for All Horses]

Best of the Blogs: A Good Ride on Good Horses

Tack Facts with Sterling Essentials: Can you use Sterling Essentials on buffalo leather? Find out here.

Sponsor Corner: “Not all steam is created equal.” That comes early in the story of Haygain’s development of high-temperature hay steaming. This Business of Horses podcast host Amanda Watson elicited that knowledge nugget from Royal Agricultural University professor Meriel Moore-Colyer in a recent edition. [Read more + listen]

Wednesday Video Break

I love a good horse-y vlog, and this one’s been a favorite to watch!

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