Wednesday News & Notes from Haygain

Happy Kentucky jog day! The EN team has safely landed in Kentucky and last night we launched the Ultimate Form Guide to LRK3DE, a special exclusive companion guide to this weekend absolutely full of information including analysis of past performance, visual graphics outlining competitive strengths and weaknesses, stories and fun facts about each rider — and much more. You can download your own copy for just $5 by clicking here. We’ll be donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of the Ultimate Form Guide to an equestrian access program or nonprofit, so it’s for a great cause, too!

We have way more information and coverage than you probably need coming your way beginning with today’s First Horse Inspection at 3 p.m. Leslie Wylie, Shelby Allen and I will be hitting the grounds later on today — stay tuned for much more coming soon! Thanks for following along with us.

It’s also an exciting time for Strides for Equality Equestrians (SEE), which sponsored the “Behind the Barn” episode featuring Buck Davidson – an interview you will not want to miss — and featured an incredible ad created by the SEE team:

U.S. Weekend Preview:

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Wednesday News & Notes:

Don’t miss out on EN’s wall-to-wall coverage of Kentucky! In addition to our Ultimate Form Guide, we’re also offering a FREE Daily Digest email as well as some extra content exclusively for our Patreon supporters. Don’t worry, all of our normal coverage will be available right here on EN as always – click here to learn more about what else we’ve got up our sleeves.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to enter our FLAIR Strips Pick ‘Em & Win contest – entries close at noon today, so get them in soon! Enter here.

“It’s the hope that kills you.” This poignant quote leads off a great piece from Michelle Dunn, who can typically be found (wo)manning the media center at Kentucky but who will sadly not be in attendance this year. She writes about what it’s like to experience Kentucky (and all of the feelings that come with it) here.

This great piece from Practical Horseman goes inside the minds of Jim Wofford and Kentucky course designer Derek Di Grazia – don’t miss it!

Did you know that many riders competing at Kentucky this weekend use Haygain? It’s always interesting to hear feedback from top riders on how different products help their program, and Haygain’s ease of use for steaming hay has worked wonders for horses’ sensitive respiratory systems. Read more here.

Finally, don’t forget to shop Kentucky’s Virtual Vendor Village all week! Lots of great vendors to support here – even if it’s not quite the same as arm wrestling someone for the last pair of reins in the Stubben booth.

Wednesday Video Break: A little trip down memory lane for you…