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Posted by In Stride Equestrian on Saturday, January 9, 2021

When I joined the Equestrians of Color Facebook group, I was anticipating meeting some incredible new people from a rich and diverse array of background. What has been particularly positive to see are the posts from professionals and trainers welcoming BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and every other rider into their program. Seeking out a new barn or a new trainer is an overwhelming process to begin with; add in any type of marginalization and many riders feel uncomfortable at the prospect of starting their search.

Will the people at this barn accept me, or will they stare at my hair? Will the coach treat me as the equal of the other riders, or will they make assumptions about my ability based on my looks? These are questions riders must ask, and having professionals stepping up to be visible allies is invaluable. Many thanks to Aiken-based Michelle Arana of In Stride Equestrian for making a post voicing her allyship. “As an equestrian of color I want to support brown and black communities through my business and offer discounted lessons,” she wrote in the group. You can reach out to In Stride Equestrian though the embedded post above.

U.S. Weekend Preview:

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Wednesday Reading List:

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Following the FEI suspension of Australian eventer Callum Buczak after he was charged with rape in 2019, fellow rider Alexandra McDonough has also been suspended on allegations of stalking and psychological abuse of the alleged rape victim.

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Wednesday Video Break: Learn all about northern California-based Brittney Chambers of CBC Therapeutic Horseback Riding Academy and her mission to empower more kids through horses in this interview with Elysia Buss.