Wednesday News & Notes from Haygain

As the year winds to a close, even if you aren’t a resolution-maker per se it’s somewhat unavoidable to think of January 1 as a page turned. Call me an obnoxious optimist, but I always feel freshly motivated (for roughly four days) at the start of a new year.

Jokes aside, this holiday season has been a bit of a time for reflection for me. I’m easily distracted by new stories, new ideas, or shiny things, and sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture or the road ahead. I invite you to join me in focusing back in on those “what’s most important” matters, and for me that includes helping expand our world of horses to welcome more to the table. One small yet impactful way to help with this ongoing mission is to donate to programs doing this work. Detroit Horse Power is just one example of an organization working to introduce horses to more people, and they’re always a wonderful option if you’re wanting to be involved or offer support.

Wednesday News & Reading

Race trainer Michael Matz’s Fair Hill, Md. training barn was destroyed by a fire on Christmas Eve. Thankfully, no humans or horses were harmed in the fire, which did an estimated $850,000 in damage to the facility shared with Equine Veterinary Care.

Sara Kozumplik Murphy and Overlook Farm South are hosting a winter schooling dressage series in Florida. One date in January, two in February, and one in early April will round out the schooling series which will be held in “fix-a-test” format. Click here to learn more.

Speaking of dressage, this 2017 article from Dressage Today made some fresh rounds on social media this week and for good reason: it provides some excellent insight into the handy (but oh-so-torturous) figure eight exercise.

You have just one head — be sure to look after it! With technology always advancing, it’s important to continue to advance with our safety equipment. Learn how Charles Owen focuses on testing and safety with its latest offerings here.

Are you thinking of hanging your shingle as an equine professional in 2022? Building a brand doesn’t only apply to professions such as marketing or social media. A brand is a key part of any business’ success, and that includes pro riders, bookkeepers, writers, veterinarians, and everyone else involved in our industry. Bookmark this guide for building an equestrian brand from Black Unicorn Creative for some useful info as you lean into your brilliant new business idea.

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