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The Life of Jimmy Winkfield

Jimmy Winkfield is the last Black jockey to win the Kentucky Derby. Learn more about him and see this painting in person at the museum!

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Posted by International Museum of the Horse on Monday, February 15, 2021

Care for a walk down history lane with me? This week’s rabbit hole dive subject is Jimmy Winkfield, the last Black jockey to win the Kentucky Derby – which he did consecutively in 1901 and 1902. In fact, he rode in four Kentucky Derby races in succession, never finishing worse than third. During a time when racism ran rampant and racing was becoming almost exclusively white, an offer to ride in Russia became too tempting to turn down, and Jimmy soon found himself on a ship headed to the other side of the world.

His success as a race jockey is underscored by another display of boldness: a harrowing journey from Russia across the Transylvania Alps to Poland, fleeing oncoming Bolsheviks with 250 Thoroughbreds, Polish noblemen and horsemen.

Jimmy’s race career would spill all over Europe, finding success in each corner and spinning into an equally successful second career as a trainer. After 60 years away from the U.S., Jimmy returned with his daughter, Liliane, for a reception in his honor hosted by Sports Illustrated. The pair were denied entry to the party through the front door.

I’ve hardly done Jimmy’s incredible story justice, so I highly recommend this article over on America’s Best Racing to learn much more about his life.

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British Eventing has issued an update regarding current COVID-19 restrictions in England and Scotland. With a return to play anticipated, the organization is working on protocol to unveil in the coming days: “Our member bodies are working on various ‘return to play’ plans for release in the coming days with specific details for their sectors and stakeholder groups.”

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