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"I attended Delaware State University where I was the first African…

Posted by Equestrians of Color Photography Project on Wednesday, December 23, 2020

A recent story on the Equestrians of Color Photography Project page caught my eye, as it’s always encouraging to read the stories of those who have accomplished firsts in terms of representation. Kamerra Brown-Allen attended Delaware State University, where she was the first African American to receive a full Equestrian Scholarship. She now enjoys her career coaching college students at William Woods University in Fulton, Mo. You can read more about Kamerra and her journey (in addition to enjoying gorgeous photos produced by the Equestrians of Color photography team) here.

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Congratulations to Erica H., the winner of last week’s Fab Freebie with Horse & Rider Books!

Do you have a Haygain steamer in your barn? With the onset of colder weather, you may be wondering how to best maintain your Haygain. Learn best practices for winter maintenance in this blog.

Take a deep dive into the world of the cowboys who call have Burkina Faso, a small country in West Africa, home for centuries. The photography project created by Aurélien Gillier, “Cowboys are still Black”, has gone on to win artistic awards while also bringing a beautifully captured light to the subjects.

If you or someone you know is eligible to apply for the next round of the Optimum Youth Equestrian Scholarship, applications are due on Friday, January 15. Learn more about this diversity and opportunity-focused scholarship here.

What if “failure” is the best tool in the box? “We have an allergy in our culture; we are allergic to failure and it shouldn’t be that way. I want you to fail. I tell the high performing individuals that I work with that they should be failing at up to 50% of their goals,” Dr. Jenny Susser advises in this thought-provoking read from Noëlle Floyd.

Jane Savoie, a well-known dressage rider and beloved instructional author, has passed away at the age of 72. Jane was a successful international competitor, a renowned Olympic-caliber coach, and a wonderful author who published nine coaching books as well as a novel before her passing, and she will be greatly missed.

Wednesday Video Break: It’s literally never a bad time for a Brookby Heights International sales video.