Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Carolina CIC3* Water Complex

We got lucky with the coverage from Carolina International this past weekend, as RNS Video was also on site to bring us video of the action. Check out the above footage from the CIC3* Cloud 11 Watership Down complex. Who gets your vote for best ride?

Thanks to the fantastic services of the USEF Network this weekend at Carolina International, we are also now are able to view the competition on demand this week. Who needs Netflix when you’ve got hours of eventing coverage to binge watch?

The cross country is divided up into sections on USEF Network, and you can also go back and view show jumping and dressage rides from individual riders. There’s quite a lot of videos to sift through, so there’s plenty to help keep us occupied until Rolex.

Click here to visit the USEF Network and view all of the Carolina International videos on demand.

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