Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: First Prelim Feels Helmet Cam

There’s not much better than having a great run at your first attempt at a new level. If you’ve put the hard work and prep in, the moving up should feel more natural — but that doesn’t stop it from being an intimidating step. I stumbled upon this helmet cam from Texas-based Brett Youssi, who stepped up to his and his horse, Finny’s Macho Man’s, first Preliminary at MeadowCreek’s schooling event over the weekend.

Finny’s Macho Man originally competed with Allison Springer in Young Event Horse and Training level competition before moving to Brett, who’s taken the reins and stepped up from the Novice level now to this Prelim debut. Many happy returns on your successful step up — hopefully the first of many!

Why choose Equi-Jewel?
Equi-Jewel was developed by Kentucky Performance Products to safely meet the energy needs of today’s horses. It reduces the risk of digestive upset and supports optimal muscle function, while providing the calories your horse needs to thrive.

Stabilized rice bran supplies a highly digestible and safe form of calories to the diet.
The fat found in rice bran is an extraordinary source of dietary energy. In fact, fat contains more than two times the energy that carbohydrates and proteins do, thereby fueling horses more efficiently. Fat is considered a “cool” feedstuff because it does not cause the hormone spikes that lead to excitability. Adding stabilized rice bran to your horse’s diet allows you to decrease the amount of starchy concentrates (grains) you feed, reducing the risk of colic and laminitis resulting from grain overload. It is an excellent source of energy for horses struggling with RER (tying up) and PSSM.

  • Equi-Jewel’s all-natural ingredients are high in fat and fiber
  • Equi-Jewel’s balanced calcium-to-phosphorus ratio means you don’t have to worry about mineral imbalances
  • Equi-Jewel’s unique stabilization process ensures freshness

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