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Happy Thanksgiving to our friends on the US side of the pond! I’m wishing you all a day full of good food, happiness, people you love, and a sudden bout of gastrointestinal distress for any racist uncles, forcing them to sit out the family festivities. If you’re not so lucky, here’s some very valuable reading for you to start your day and bolster your savage takedowns over dinner. It’s also, frankly, just very important to educate ourselves on the origins of Thanksgiving as it concerns indigenous folks, and how we can honour them while celebrating. Eat well, love well, and have a great day.

US Weekend Preview:

Pine Top Thanksgiving H.T. (Thompson, GA): [Website] [Live Scoring]

News & Notes from Around the Globe:

Michael Jung is shelving his plain bays in favor of a splash of color. Okay, okay, so no one’s actually getting shelved — but his new ride, who he’s taken on from Aussie eventing legend Andrew Hoy, is seriously flashy and can really, really jump. Meet the chromey new addition to his string here.

We talk a lot about how cross-discipline training can make us more well-rounded riders. That same philosophy holds true, too, for picking up different roles in the horse world — and that’s exactly what Helen Alliston discovered when she began judging. Find out more about her eureka moment here, and then, take a moment to think about how you can pick up another role in the horse world to broaden your horizons. (Volunteering at events is a great way to do this!)

Speaking of people who fill different roles and benefit from it, John Michael Durr is a bit of an eventing multi-hyphenate, balancing competing and teaching with course designing. Meet this busy, fascinating competitor here.

Hot on Horse Nation: When is a photo just a snapshot of a split second in a ride, and when does it begin to become indicative of a horse and rider’s overall training? Gwyneth McPherson explains all.

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