Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Hitch A Ride ‘Round Burghley on Vitali

Though their weekend might have ended with a touch of disappointment when several rails down precluded a win, Tim Price and Vitali certainly enjoyed a good enough day in the office on Saturday at Burghley, where their classy clear round ensured they maintained their first-phase lead at the end of the day. This is a particularly interesting hatcam video to watch, though, because even though it’s a great round — no one leads Burghley on a janky effort — it’s also a round that Tim describes as a ‘tough day in the office’ and not the usual feeling he has with the horse. Sometimes, I think those might be the most useful videos to watch, to try to pick apart how a horse might be given the chance to build in confidence across a big, tough course. Happy watching — and riding, sort of!

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