Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Laura Collett’s Olympic Dream

Every Olympian has a story – but some have a few more unexpected twists and turns than others. For Great Britain’s Laura Collett, her Olympic debut in Tokyo comes after some extraordinary highs: she won the CCI5* at France’s Les Etoiles de Pau last year, has represented her country since her childhood, and has featured near – or at – the top of the leaderboard in countless illustrious internationals. It also comes after some catastrophic lows: a fall that nearly ended her career, for example, and grappling with online abuse from strangers.

But now, all of the threads of her life and career are being woven into a colourful tapestry as she heads to the biggest competition of her life as one of the hot favourites for an individual medal. Can she become the first woman ever to win Olympic eventing individual gold? Before she starts her fight for the top spot, though, there’s plenty of logistics to organise. In this interview, you’ll learn more about the quarantine process, how the trip to Tokyo will work – and what it’s actually like to get the phone call confirming that you’ve been selected.

(And no, it’s not too early to cry about the Olympics. This is a safe space.)

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