Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Piggy’s Plea to Burghley

It’s not just fans of eventing who enjoyed a week parked in front of the Kentucky livestream – for those riders who didn’t make it over to compete, it was also a welcome distraction from ‘real’ life. One of those riders is Piggy March, who finished in the top five at the event in 2019, the start of what would be an extraordinary, record-breaking season for the superstar rider. But just like the rest of us, Piggy has had to contend with putting life on the back burner in the wake of the pandemic  – a bittersweet prospect as her Badminton winner, Vanir Kamira, enters what will be the twilight of her career.

And so, in her latest vlog, Piggy recaps some of the highlights of last week’s Kentucky five-star while offering up an impassioned plea to Burghley to provide an update on the feasibility of a 2021 renewal and allow the eventing community to pull together and support the organising team, ensuring a UK five-star for the sake of the sport this year.

Consider our voices lent to your plea, Piggy.

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