Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Scnobia Stewart Drops the Skincare Routine

There’s a little part of me that’s always wanted to start an Instagram story with a faintly sarcastic “so you’ve all been asking me about my skincare routine…”, except for the fact that literally nobody has ever asked me for my skincare routine, so it would all be a filthy lie. But Allure Magazine found someone much more interesting to share not just the lotions and potions she uses to keep her pores so remarkably nonexistent, but the entirety of her daily routine. Meet Scnobia Stewart, dressage rider and multitasker extraordinaire, and find out how she fits in training, a full-time job in the pharmaceuticals industry, and a bit of self-care, too. If you love looking behind the curtain and seeing how other riders get sh*t done, this’ll tick a big box for you. Oh, and there’s skincare for horses in there, too.

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