Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Taylor Tackles the Green Numbers

Yes, this is the second time we’ve featured Taylor McFall here on EN in the past couple weeks, but we can’t help it — she’s basically EN family. We’ve been cheering this kid on since she was in short stirrups, singing songs around wee jump courses …

… fundraising to buy her first pony …

… tackling Intro level eventing:

That was Twin Rivers H.T. in March 2013. This is Twin Rivers H.T. in March 2019, when Taylor made her Prelim debut riding mom Jen’s four-star mount High Times. The pair completed cross country with just 1.6 time penalties to finish second in the Prelim Rider division.

In a 2014 EN editorial, Putting on My Mom Hat, Jen reflected: “As a mother who also competes and loves the sport of eventing, watching my daughter, Taylor, at an event gives me a remarkable feeling of joy that we share the same passion and pride in her ability.”

Kids get bigger and jumps get higher, but some things never change. We’re all proud of you, Taylor!

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