Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: The Secrets of Success at the Billy Stud

Before champions can be made, they must be born – and both these steps, and then a few more, can be found in action in West Sussex, England, at The Billy Stud. Home to eventing legend Pippa Funnell and her husband, top showjumper William Funnell, The Billy Stud is in the business of building tomorrow’s superstars from the bottom up.

Now in its 22nd year, the stud is one of Britain’s most successful breeding operations – and its forward-thinking virtual and in-house sales mean that anyone with some funds to spare can add a Billy youngster to their spring. But what goes into bringing up baby for a career on the world’s biggest stages? Go behind the scenes with the FEI to discover the Funnells’ horses-first ethos.

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