Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Win a Prelim Aboard Sharp Decision

As a truly mediocre event rider, I often think that winning a Prelim would be rather like taking Olympic gold, relatively speaking. Of course, for some of these pros, it’s just par for the course, but those pros also don’t need leak-proof knickers on whenever they think about jumping trakehners, so bully for them, I guess. Anyway, I’m currently sidelined from riding, so catch-riding other people’s horses via hatcam footage is my only way of getting that cross-country rush — and so I’m particularly grateful to Elisa Wallace and Sharp Decision for winning the Open Prelim at Ocala Summer II for me, just so I can feel what it’s like. And you know what? It feels great.


Simply put, horses need energy.

Energy is traditionally supplied by cereal grains such as oats, corn, and barley. These feedstuffs deliver energy as carbohydrates or starch. But what if you want to supply more energy to your horse without increasing the feed intake? Feeding a fat supplement is an excellent way to achieve this.

Fat is considered a source of “calm” energy and is thought to modify behavior in some horses, making them more tractable. This, in turn, allows horses to focus their energy on work rather than nervousness.

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