Weekend Instagram Roundup: Keeping It Real Out There

For as serious and intense as this sport can sometimes seem, at the end of the day we all just want to have fun. And we can always count on you guys to bring the “insanity in the middle.”

Here are a few of our fave photos from weekend USEA horse trials from around the country!

Thank you Niner for always keeping me safe and for without a doubt being my best bud

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Carl loves his horse spanx #IrishNinja #NeedMoreSleep

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He doesn’t appear to be thrilled with his dressage score #texasrose #trhp #yikes #dontmesswithtexas

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Micaela had to take a quick nap on the front porch… #thisjumpmakesmefeellikeagiant

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The Hungarian power couple #woodland #hungarianwedding #savethedate

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Go Eventing.