Weekend Results Roundup: The Fork, Chatt Hills, CDCTA, Pine Hill, Spring Bay

Spring Bay Horse Trials … or Winter Bay? Photo by Megan Moore.

Lots going on out there in the Eventing Nation this weekend, some of it colder than others! The Fork at TIEC & WEG Test Event in Mill Spring, North Carolina; Chattahoochee Hills CIC & H.T. in Fairburn, Georgia; Spring Bay H.T. in Lexington, Kentucky; Pine Hill Spring H.T. in Bellville, Texas; and CDCTA Spring H.T. in Berryville, Virginia, all hosted events.

Here are few notes and a shout-out to winners from the weekend that was:

  • The weather at Spring Bay H.T. in Lexington, Kentucky, wasn’t so springlike this year. Spring Bay is the first Area VIII event of the year, and the show went on despite winter’s surprise encore. The ground jury allowed riders to wear their winter coats; Megan Moore, who snapped the photo above and won Open Training on Guinness, said she did her dressage test in a winter coat, earmuffs, multiple pairs and hand warmers! A word of reflection from organizer Mary Fike: “Everyone one of us involved with Spring Bay would like to thank all of the volunteers who braved the most interesting weekend weather with smiles and gracious sense of humor. And to all of the riders who supported us in spite of dire forecasts — you guys are the best! I am so glad that Sunday rewarded you all with some sunshine and a good day of sportsmanship. It was so good to see you all and I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming season!” Thank YOU, too, Mary, and everyone who braved what was hopefully winter’s last gasp!
  • Congrats to Julie Richards and Fernhill Copas, who posted the lowest finishing score of the weekend in the country. The pair added nothing to their dressage score of 17.9 to win the Open Training division at Chattahoochee Hills. Well-done …  please, somebody post a video of that flawless test!
  • Pine Hill H.T. hosted a small Area V Young Rider Team Challenge. Congratulations to the winning team of Isabel Puthoff with Bold Statement and Kaitlyn Spacek with The Great Tyrone!
  • Congratulations to Lindsey Stucker and Excalibur on winning the “Starter’s Award for Best Turned Out Cross Country Horse and Rider” at Chatt Hills. The pair, who finished fifth in Open Intermediate, looked sharp in their red and black cross country get-up, and props to groom Josie Irish.
  • EN’s unofficial award for best horse name of the weekend goes to Toasted Marshmallow, who finished sixth in her first USEA horse trial in Beginner Novice at Chatt Hills with rider Carlee Cefola. The roan Pony of the Americas, owned by Sarah MacKusick, is truly the color of toasted marshmallow and her precious little face is just what the world needs on a Monday morning after. #NailedIt

Photo by Sarah MacKusick Mills.

The Fork at Tryon and WEG Test Event: WebsiteResultsLive StreamEN’s CoverageEN’s InstagramEN’s Twitter

CIC One Star: Natasha Erschen & Fernhill Flutter (34.5)
CIC Two Star: Alexandra Baugh & Ballingowan Pizazz (40.4)
CIC Three Star: Phillip Dutton & Z (28.0)
Advanced Test A: Lynn Symansky & Under Suspection (37.5)
Advanced Test B: Lauren Kieffer & Veronica (36.9)
Open Intermediate: Lauren Kieffer & Landmark’s Monte Carlo (36.3)
Junior Young Riders Open Preliminary: Dylan Phillips & Fernhill Fierce (30.4)
Open Preliminary: Kathy Cain & Legal Limit (28.5)
Preliminary Horse: Doug Payne & Cascor (35.2)
Preliminary Rider: Maddy Luker & Shanghai Fury (75.4)
Modified: Sharon White & Juneau (31.5)
Open Training: Becky Holder & Wishful Thinking (33.9)
Open Training: Becky Holder & Wishful Thinking (33.9)
Training Horse: Kristine Burgess & Malvasia Istriana (31.5)
Training Rider: Coti Hausman & Quantico (30.0)

Chattahoochee Hills CIC & H.T. [Website] [Results]

CIC One Star: Clayton Fredericks & FE Coldplay (31.50)
CIC Two Star: Clayton Fredericks & FE Mississippi (35.0)
CIC Three Star: Jacob Fletcher & Atlantic Domino (30.0)
Advanced: Elinor MacPhail O’Neal & RF Eloquence (38.7)
Open Intermediate: Maddie Lichten & Yarrow (42.0)
Open Preliminary A: Matthew Ulmer & Uno Concerto (39.7)
Open Preliminary B: Matthew Ulmer & Wellview Mister Lux (35.4)
Preliminary Rider: Emma Jenkins & Fernhill Bijzonder (34.6)
Open Training: Julie Richards & Fernhill Copas (17.9)
Training Horse: Justine Dutton & Arctic Tiger (25.5)
Training Rider: Elizabeth Henry & Charlotte La Bouff (26.8)
Novice Horse: Lisa Borgia & Silmarillion (31.1)
Novice Rider A: Deb Grosenbaugh & Starry Night (26.7)
Novice Rider B: Gracie Montgomery & Fernhill Inspiration (31.2)
Open Novice: Susan Beebee & Westwinds Navigator (27.1)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider: Haley Miller & Mr. Melvin (30.3)
Open Beginner Novice: Brie Murray & Qui Vive (27.8)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider: Sher Schwartz & Gorse Hill Gem (27.2)


CDCTA H.T. [Website] [Live Results]

Open Preliminary 1: Skyeler Voss & Argyle (30.7)
Open Preliminary 2: Sharon Church & Rose and Crown (39.6)
Open Training 1: Emily Beshear & Templewood (24.5)
Open Training 2: Maegen Bingham & Norman (31.7)
Open Novice 1: Rebecca Hagy & Boogaloo (25.7)
Open Novice 2: Darrin Mollett & Beverly’s Get Even (29.0)
Open Novice 3: Carolyn Briggs & Kaiya (27.1)
Open Beginner Novice 1: Robin White & Shirefox Cadence (32.0)
Open Beginner Novice 2: Ellie Solms & Chastian’s Morning Mocha (28.5)
Introductory: Amy Parsons & Wren Wrouge (27.3)


Pine Hill Spring H.T. [Website] [Results]

Open Preliminary: Cynthia Bowers & Just The Ticket (106.9)
Open Training: Savannah Welch & Langcaster (33.8)
Open Novice A: Allison Anson & Into That Good Night (28.1)
Open Novice B: Christie Hovas & Doesn’t Give a Tucker (27.4)
Open Beginner Novice A: Jillian Clark & Harper (32.2)
Open Beginner Novice B: Emily Crews & Osta La Vista (28.6)
Starter: Irene Doo & A Racin’ Star (36.6)

Well Harper and JJ did it, 1st place in their Beginner Novice division at a rated show. So proud of their hard work,…

Posted by Greg Clark on Saturday, April 7, 2018

Spring Bay H.T. [Website] [Results]

Open Preliminary A: Corinna Garcia & Gun Slingin’ Bully (55.9)
Open Preliminary B: Alexis Anderson & Holly Golightly (39.5)
Open Training: Megan Moore & Master Mind (30.2)
Training Rider: Maria Moraniec & Lady Business (29.7)
Training Young Rider: Olivia Hahn & Fernhill Rodger That (30.2)
Open Novice A: Amy Bunt & Recurrent (25.5)
Open Novice B: Marty Riney & War Melody (26.9)
Novice Young Rider: Emma Drury & Aberlour (21.9)
Novice Rider A: Madeline Bletzacker & Drummer Boy (18.3)
Novice Rider B: Beth Geiser & Tough Mudder (34.5)
Open Beginner Novice A: Marty Riney & Calipari (29.4)
Open Beginner Novice B: Marty Riney & Harry (24.2)
Beginner Novice Rider: Mary Clare Owdziej & Deal Me In (26.4)
Beginner Novice Young Rider A: Rebecca Geldner & Dynamic Balance (30.6)
Beginner Novice Young Rider B: Leah Massa & Suspicious Alibi (23.6)
Open Starter: Laura Werner & Clooney (26.5)
Starter Rider: Emily Smith & Finn McCool (28.8)

Cross country helmet cam from Training YR winner Olivia Hahn:

Congrats to all. Go Eventing!