Weekend Winners: Chatt Hills, Huntington Farm, MDHT, Round Top, Will O’Wind

Let’s recap the big winners from the recognized events happening all over the country (and north of the border, too)! This weekend, our Unofficial Low Score Award was earned by Melissa Alaimo and Fascinating Rhythm, a Clydesdale-Thoroughbred mare who lived up to her name and earned a 20.2 finishing score in the Open Novice at Huntington Farm. Congratulations!

Chattahoochee Hills Summer H.T.: Final Results

Open Intermediate A: Jenny Caras and Trendy Fernhill (30.1)
Open Intermediate B: Lauren Nicholson and Landmark’s Monte Carlo (30.9)
Open Preliminary: Andrew McConnon and D’Luxe Steel (27.2)
Preliminary Rider: Katarina Midgley and Ditch (29.6)
Modified A: Lauren Nicholson and Windchase Starfire (30.7)
Modified B: Nataly Pacheco and Forrest Nymph (27.6)
Open Training: Julie Richards and Montsant (31.0)
Training Rider: Katherine Walling and Somestarsomewhere (30.5)
Novice Rider A: Katie Beninati and Rumer MWF (32.1)
Novice Rider B: Brianna Uhlmer and Angelo II (23.3)
Open Novice A: Katie Malensek and Mei-Fleure (28.4)
Open Novice B: Jenny Caras and Primetime Spy (30.9)
Beginner Novice Rider A: Ella Hubert and Here Comes the Sun (38.3)
Beginner Novice Rider B: Harper King and Intrepide (26.0)
Open Beginner Novice: Lauren Lambert and Fernhill Liverpool (29.2)

Huntington Farm H.T.: Final Results

Jr/YR Preliminary: Audrey Littlefield and Prince Renan (31.3)
Preliminary: Anna Loschiavo and Fernhill That Guy Jack (28.5)
Jr. Training: June Clark and Dealin’ Diamonds (42.5)
Open Training A: Lisa Niccolai and Celtic Kharacter (27.9)
Open Training B: Ayden Schain and Big Sam (35.4)
Jr. Novice: Geneva Ruml and James Bond 007 (35.1)
Novice Saturday: Alison Eastman-Lawler and Lexington II (28.0)
Open Novice A: Melissa Alaimo and Fascinating Rhythm (20.2)
Open Novice B: Francesca Weeks and Antonya (27.4)
Jr. Beginner Novice: Eleanor Winter and Figlio (24.4)
Open Beginner Novice A: Kate Homan and Steve’s Sonata (31.9)
Open Beginner Novice B: Susan Berrill and Lally Move On (29.7)

Many thanks to Joan Davis of Flatlandsfoto for sending these winner shots from Huntington Farm. Don’t forget to support your show photographers and videographers by ordering!

The Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy Farm: Final Results Saturday | Final Results Sunday

Open Intermediate A: Allison Springer and Business Ben (38.9)
Open Intermediate B: Allison Springer and Crystal Crescent Moon (38.4)
Open Preliminary A: Ema Klugman and RF Redfern (30.2)
Open Preliminary B: Martin Douzant and Olympus (32.0)
Preliminary Rider: Zara Flores-Kinney and Elusive Dassett (36.1)
Modified Rider: Casey Poe and HHS Tiger Lily (34.3)
Open Modified: Martin Douzant and Beall Spring Seahawk (28.3)
Open Training A: Mike Pendleton and Ad Lib (28.1)
Open Training B: Lynn Symansky and Bounce 6 (24.8)
Open Training C: Wendy Pickenpaugh and Padis Celtic Measure (33.8)
Open Training D: Allison Springer and Castlefarm Querly Bet (28.6)
Jr. Training: Emma Wick and Avalon Realta (26.9)
Open Novice A: Alexandra Peterson and Captain Crunch (24.8)
Open Novice B: Robyn Weaver and Wishbone (27.6)
Novice Rider A: Alexis Horn and Doctor Jones (28.6)
Novice Rider B: Ashley Brush and Rhythm & Blues (33.8)
Novice Rider C: Nancy Seybold and Eli (29.8)
Jr. Novice A: Abigail Mazzatta and DCE Pandora’s Dream (33.1)
Jr. Novice B: Maya Kozauer and Rhapsody In Red (25.0)
Beginner Novice Rider A: Dawn Cregger and Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter (28.3)
Beginner Novice Rider B: Emma Hayes and Where’d It Go (31.9)
Open Beginner Novice A: John Secan and Potter (28.9)
Open Beginner Novice B: Brooke Bayley and Carrick Diamond Toome (26.9)
Jr. Beginner Novice A: Sasha Pittman and Highly Suspect (30.8)
Jr. Beginner Novice B: Madison Springle and Andante (32.9)

Round Top H.T.: Many thanks to Jonathan Horowitz for sending in the following recap from Round Top in Castle Rock, Co.!

Rose Schild and According to Morgan finished on their dressage score of 24.8 at the Round Top Horse Trials for their second win in a row at Training in Area IX events. Photo by Kathleen Bryan.

The Round Top Horse Trials in Castle Rock, Colorado returned on Saturday after a hiatus in 2020 with a 30-percent increase in entries from 44 the last time the event was run in 2019 to 57 in 2021. Levels from Intro to Training were offered in a one-day format.

“This is an opportunity for the young horses to get out and have a good experience,” organizer Libby Stokes said.

At Training, two of the six entrants finished on sub-30 dressage scores, with the 24.8 of Rose Schild and her 13-year-old bay Zweibrucker mare According to Morgan edging the 27.9 of Ashley Horowitz and her 5-year-old chestnut Thoroughbred mare Tiny Dancer. It was the second blue ribbon in a row for Schild and According to Morgan after winning at Training at The Event at Archer in June.

Tiare Santistevan and L’Orange, a 14-year-old bay Holsteiner gelding that is part of a riding program at Colorado State University where Santistevan is an instructor in the Equine Sciences Program, won Novice with a dressage score of 23.8 and clear cross country and stadium jumping rounds. It was just the second recognized event ever for “Larry” after Archer one month ago. They earned Round Top’s longstanding Pawn of Prophecy Trophy as the Novice champion in a field of 17. Rowan Sisk and Silver Lining were second, finishing on their dressage score of 29.8.

Emmy Williams won at Beginner Novice with Fortunate Rebel, an 11-year-old grey Irish Sport Horse gelding that was previously based in Florida. They finished on their dressage score of 25.3 in a field of 21 in their first event together. Vicki Baker and Midnight Grace were second with 27.0, and Amy Bowers and Black Velvet were third with 29.0 as the other sub-30 scores.
At Intro, Mindy Wiper and Dorothee won with a score of 25.6 in a field of 11. The Intro level featured the lowest dressage score of the day, a 17.8 by Madeline Backus and San Ampere, although they withdrew after cross country.

The next event in Area IX will be the Spring Gulch Horse Trials in Highlands Ranch, Colorado on August 7 and 8.

Will O’Wind II: Final Results

CCI3*-S: Lindsay Traisnel and Bacyrouge (38.4)
CCI2*-S: Melissa Boutin and Obeah Dancer GS (40.0)
Open Intermediate: Lindsay Beer-Drury and Kennystown Frankie (47.6)
Open Preliminary: Holly Jacks-Smither and Candy King (25.7)
Open Training: Holly Jacks-Smither and Josephine (31.4)
Training: Claudia Oppendisano and God of Thunder (27.6)
Jr. Pre-Training: Morgan Parker and Rush Hour (31.3)
Open Pre-Training: Katie Bondrager and Glendening Norma Jean (30.8)
Sr. Pre-Training: Jay Hambly and Captain Midnight (28.2)
Jr. Entry: Tori Horan and High Card (30.3)
Open Entry: Carolyn Pass Cormier and Noble Marabella (28.1)
Sr. Entry: Suzanne Stieglmayr and Zarona Too M (25.6)