Weekend Winners: Course Brook, Seneca, Five Points, Bucks County, Chardon Valley

It was a mixed bag of a weekend for stateside eventing, with two events being upended by Mother Nature but another four soldiering on despite some scattered sogginess. A prelude to our WEG week to come?

Pack your rain gear, WEG-goers. All of it.

As we mentioned in this morning’s News & NotesSeneca Valley Horse Trials had to abandon Sunday’s competition after heavy rains created unfavorable footing conditions for the horses and for emergency responders. Bummer, but on the bright side Flora Lea and Marlborough Horse Trials are waiving late fees to Seneca entries that want to reroute to another competition. Dunnabeck Horse Trials organizers were also forced to cancel in advance of the start of the event as Carbondale, IL was under flood advisories, with cross country schooling vouchers offered as a consolation prize. Again, bummer, but we commend the organizers of both horse trials — they were faced with a tough decision but acted in favor of the safety and welfare of participants, always top priority.

A few footnotes from the weekend that was:

Nobody had a busier Sunday this week than Ryan Wood. He competed nine horses in the Bucks County H.T. one-day three-phase event, managing to win three of his divisions while he was at it — Preliminary/Training with Billy Mcclusky, Open Training 1 with The Optimist, and Open Training 2 with HHS Ontario. Hope you’re taking Monday off, Ryan!

An extra special shout-out to the lowest scoring finisher in the country of the weekend, Arden Wildasin and Watch Out, who won the Preliminary Horse division at Seneca Valley on their dressage result of 24.3.

Course Brook Farm H.T. [Website] [Results]
Preliminary: Erin Risso & Bluegrass Talisman (34.4)
Prelim/Training: Erin Johnson & FE Sparkling Diamond (41.4)
Training-A: Susan Provenzano & Gotta Believe (37.5)
Training-B: Abby Dubrawski & Cobble Creek (30.0)
Novice-A: Julie Howard & Isn’t She Sweet (33.1)
Novice-B: Maura Gorman & Killmallock (33.8)
Novice-C: Becky Harring & Fernhill Romeo (29.8)
Novice-D: Alyssa L. Lambert & Timothy (34.3)
Beginner Novice-A: Laura S. McGovern & Brigadier (29.7)
Beginner Novice-B: Alex Conrad & Lexington II (27.0)
Beginner Novice-C: Alexa McKersie & Skip A Stride (24.5)
Beginner Novice-D: Emily Higgins & Sir Harry Flashman (27.8)

Many thanks to Flatlandsfoto for these photos of Course Brook Farm winners!

Seneca Valley Pony Club H.T. [Website] [Scores]
Intermediate 1: Lindsay Traisnel & Bacyrouge (39.2)
Intermediate 2: Chris Talley & Sandro’s Star (38.6)
Preliminary Horse: Arden Wildasin & Watch Out (24.3)
Open Preliminary: Kim Cecere & Landmark’s Monaco (27.9)
Preliminary Rider: Lauren Chumley & Atlanta B (37.6)

Five Points H.T. [Website] [Results]
Advanced: Emily Beshear & Olney Uncle Sam (48.8)
Intermediate Rider: Katherine Christopher & Frodo of the Shire (41.3)
Open Intermediate-A: Will Faudree & Pfun (32.4)
Open Intermediate-B: Doug Payne & Starr Witness (43.1)
Open Preliminary: Andrew McConnon & Bossinova (30.6)
Preliminary Rider: Sarah Pyne & Quintessential (44.7)
Preliminary Rider Young/ Junior Rider: Dylan Philipps & Fernhill Fierce (35.2)
Modified Horse Trial-A: Lucia Strini & MTF Cooley Classic (30.1)
Modified Horse Trial-B: Hannah Whalen & Mr Magic Man (30.5)

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Bucks County H.T. [Website] [Results]
Preliminary/Training: Ryan Wood & Billy Mcclusky (25.9)
Jr/YR Training: Caroline Day & The Gadfly (36.1)
Open Training 2: Ryan Wood & HHS Ontario (30.2)
Open Training 1: Ryan Wood & The Optimist (32.3)
Jr/YR Novice: Alexa Lapp & Evelina (34.1)
Open Novice 2: Kim Coleman & Fagedaboudit Pal (31.4)
Open Novice 1: Cole Horn & Popstar (32.8)
Beginner Novice 1: Caroline Martin & Clairy RFB (29.0)
Beginner Novice 2: Stephanie Cauffman & Joie De Vivre (27.5)
Jr/YR Beginner Novice: Lillian Kager & Paisley Pony (48.3)

Chardon Valley H.T. [Website] [Results]
Preliminary/Training-Open: Catherine Henderson & Oldcourt Grafen Dance (36.4)
Training A: Courtney Lucas & Titan (28.6)
Training B: Mindy Kutzner-Shannon & Free Spirit CR (36.6)
Novice A: Sophie Celeste & Princess (37.6)
Novice B: Sarah Chiazza & Prince Charming (33.6)
Novice C: Kate Coleman & Tallawah (32.4)
Beginner Novice A: Cheyanne Montano & Rapunzelle (31.1)
Beginner Novice B: Hannah Geiss & Quintessence (40.3)
Beginner Novice C: Alessia Hoisington & United States Jane (28.3)
Starter-Open-Test: Hannah Reeser & Ltl Ireland Summr Soldier (27.8)

Dunnabeck H.T. (Cancelled) [Website]

A local event was canceled this weekend due to remnants of hurricane Gordan stalling over the venue causing a weekend of…

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Congrats to all. Go Eventing!