Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: An Inside Look at Team USA’s WEG Training Camp

This very insightful and enlightening video is brought to us by Boyd Martin because, as he puts it, “I’m bored out of my mind riding one horse a day.”

Team USA spent last week in training camp at Will Faudree’s Gavilan Farm, just outside of Southern Pines in North Carolina, fine tuning their rides under the tutelage of  US Eventing’s High Performance Director Erik Duvander. While there was much to do in terms of preparation, it’s a drastic change for a professional rider to go from riding oodles of horses a day to just one! Boyd was thoughtful enough to take some footage over the course of the training camp, during which the team worked on each phase, and voice it over to guide us through his preparation with his WEG mount, Tsetserleg.

The home team finished their training camps and shipped into Tryon on Saturday and are all settled into the stables ahead of the big week.