Weekend Winners: Grand Oaks, Stable View

Eventing’s winter havens to the east in Aiken, Sc. and Ocala, Fl. saw some action this weekend as more horses and riders knocked some rust off in the early goings of the new season. Plenty of facility upgrades were on display at Stable View during their Opener weekend – you can read the full report from Jenn Catalano here.

This week’s Unofficial Low Score Award goes to Lauren Nicholson and Hindine (also affectionately known as “Spicy 🌢 Heidi”), who finished their Modified division at Grand Oaks with a final score of 23.0. The 9-year-old Dutch mare owned by Ms. Jacqueline Mars is no stranger to lower-20s scores (she even earned an 18.3 at the Preliminary level last summer), so this 2021 debut is off to a smashing start for Team Nicholson.

Grand Oaks H.T.: Final Scores
Preliminary Rider: Anna Fitzhugh and Loreto (33.3)
Open Preliminary: Amy Ruth Borun and Vitalis (24.5)
Modified A: Maya Black and Double Diamond C (26.7)
Modified B: Maya Black and Lanthan Lights C (32.2)
Modified C: Lauren Nicholson and Hindine (23.0)
Open Training A: Clayton Fredericks and Quirlige (27.4)
Open Training B: Jennie Brannigan and Keepsake (26.0)
Training Rider: Christa Schmidt and Chakiris Star (30.2)
Open Novice A: Cosby Green and McCreary (26.9)
Open Novice B: Phillip Dutton and Lincoln’s Address (27.6)
Novice Rider: Robin Barr and Tout Fini (23.1)
Open Beginner Novice: Shelby Brost and Redfield Electric Avenue (23.9)
Beginner Novice Rider: Brandy Combs and Icaan (31.1)

Super cool little Kermit through the last water and enjoying his post xc roll 🀣
Thanks for the videos Chelsea and Sara!
A few planned time faults (we were just having a January school) dropped us to 3rd, but I was delighted with his dressage score of 25 and his lovely show jumping round. What a wonderful event with well built, well designed courses. Perfect warm up for the season πŸ’—

Posted by Sara Kozumplik Murphy on Sunday, January 24, 2021

Stable View Opener H.T.: Final Scores, Full Report

Open Preliminary A: Boyd Martin and Catarina (28.9)
Open Preliminary B: Amanda Beale Clement and Carlson 119 (24.6)
Modified A: Sandra Holden and Cano Cristales (29.8)
Modified B: Jessica Schultz and Rocky Top City (30.2)
Preliminary Rider: Lauren New and Flying Again (40.9)
Open Training: Kelli Temple and Dr. Diamond (23.8)
Training Horse: Courtney Cooper and Excel Star Time to Shine (23.6)
Training Rider A: Michelle Frazier and Raucous Caucus (28.5)
Training Rider B: Danielle Moore and Tenth Rendition (32.8)
Novice Horse: Ryan Wood and Check Point (23.6)
Novice Rider A: Nancy Z. Wilson and Lagerfeld (31.0)
Novice Rider B: Maddy Stancil and Brighid Charity RSH (30.5)
Open Novice A: Babette Lenna and Ardeo Rock and Roll (26.4)
Open Novice B: Michael Pendleton and Kwibus (24.5)
Beginner Novice Horse: Ian McDonald and Say You Love Me (29.8)
Beginner Novice Rider A: Shawna Dietrich and Cooper (27.2)
Beginner Novice Rider B: Molly McLaughlin and Fernhill Sinatra (31.4)
Open Beginner Novice: Susie Beale and Over The Moon (26.7)

Carlson 119 won the OP at Stable View start to finish on a 24.6! Such an amazing way to start the year and end my week…

Posted by Amanda Beale Clement on Saturday, January 23, 2021