Weekend Winners: Hitching Post, Loch Moy, Radnor, Majestic Oaks, Paradise, Fleur de Leap, Las Cruces

Fall event season is in full swing! The apple-crisp air, the fast-turning foliage … OK, so maybe the foliage isn’t turning so fast at our events in New Mexico, Louisiana and Florida. But up north, at least, they’re finally getting some crayon box hues. And the sound of falling leaves crunching beneath a horse’s feet just never gets old.

Head on down south, autumn. We’re ready for you.

This week there was a tie for lowest finishing score in the country! Both Melanie Harrigan and Cooley Higher Ground, winners of Novice Rider B at Radnor Hunt H.T., and Angela Gottler and Caan’s Man In Black, winners of Beginner Novice A at Fleur de Leap H.T., scored a 24.3. Job well done to both.

And now, for your weekend winners!

Hitching Post Farm H.T. [Website] [Results]
Preliminary: Kylie Lyman & Xuanatu (25.4)
Junior Training: Hannah Smith & Bittersweet’s Aurora (34.2)
Training: Barbara Fitch & Donte (31.7)
Jr Novice: Kaitryn Gagnon & This Guy (29.3)
Sr Novice A: Josiane Fortier-bertrand & Thunder (28.8)
Sr Novice B: Keith Robinson & Hygie (26.4)
Jr Beginner Novice: Isabelle Gilbert & July’s Gem (33.1)
Sr Beginner Novice A: Cathy Rousse & Donovan’s Hope (33.3)
Sr Beginner Novice B: Elizabeth Pelis & Bay State Yankee (28.3)

Maryland at Loch Moy H.T. [Website] [Results]
Modified-A: Lauren Kieffer & Hindine (35.9)
Modified-B: Catherine Pournelle & MTF Cooley Knight (37.3)
Open Intermediate: Sarah Cousins & Stravinsky (34.2)
Junior Young Riders Open Preliminary: Caitlin O’Roark & Lucky Devil (33.4)
Open Preliminary: Taryn Nolte & Mi Campeon SE (31.7)
Preliminary Rider: Kelly Ransom & Prince Cavanagh (30.2)
Junior Open Training: Olivia Dutton & Fernhill Finders Keepers (30.7)
Open Training-A: Kurt Martin & Diligent Citation Effort (27.4)
Open Training-B: Dan Kreitl & Horales (28.1)
Training Rider: Heidi Robertson & Redshift (32.1)
Junior Open Novice: Stephanie Cordell & Codename Toby (30.2)
Novice Rider: Susan Gehris & Steddy Eddy (28.1)
Open Novice-A: Nanette Schumaker & La Cosa Nostra (24.1)
Open Novice-B: Martin Douzant & Cocktail Z (25.5)
Beginner Novice Classic 3 Day Event: Ella Lucas & Truthful Saint (30.7)
Beginner Novice Rider: Amy Faison & Faro De la Galerna (28.3)
Junior Beginner Novice: Megan Smallwood & Kilronan’s Countess (29.7)
Open Beginner Novice: Ashley Adams & Charly (29.0)

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i finally won my first recognized horse trial!!!

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Radnor Hunt H.T. [Website] [Results]
Preliminary-A: Janelle Phaneuf & Strattonstown Lewis (30.7)
Preliminary-B: Olivia Grabaskas & One and Only (35.6)
Preliminary-C: Abby Maude & Stonehavens Dream (30.9)
Training: Waylon Roberts & Cafe Noir (26.1)
Training Horse: Ryan Wood & The Optimist (26.6)
Training Rider-A: Donna White & High Stakes (30.7)
Training Rider-B: Anna Fitzhugh & Believe It or Not (32.7)
Novice: Sydney Hagaman & Charmeur (25.0)
Novice Horse: Ryan Wood & Mystic Hazzard (29.3)
Novice Rider-A: Cynthia Sansone & Pippin VI (27.4)
Novice Rider-B: Melanie Harrigan & Cooley Higher Ground (24.3)

Majestic Oaks H.T. [Website] [Results]
Open Prelim-A: Jennie Jarnstrom & Flower Girl (24.6)
Open Prelim-B: Joe Meyer & Johnny Royale (26.1)
Prelim Rider: Julia Bulkeley & Cold as Ice II (35.4)
Open Training-A: Zoe Crawford & Francelia (25.2)
Open Training-B: Lesley Grant-Law & Rock on Cooley (26.0)
Training Rider: Kristin Rubash & Capone (26.4)
Novice Rider: Erin Kowalewski & Furst Marcko (24.8)
Open Novice-A: Joe Meyer & PS Gandhi (25.2)
Open Novice-B: Chrissy Hollnagel & Step Three (26.2)
Beginner Novice Rider: Carol Clark & Prime Player (32.8)
Open Beginner Novice: Sinead Halpin & SW Completely Cooley (27.5)

Paradise Farm H.T. [Website] [Results]
Open Preliminary: Brie Murray & Fernhill Disco (35.9)
Preliminary Rider: Hanna Grace Johnson & Urlanmore Beauty (32.2)
Open Training: Mary Bess Davis & When In Rio (32.1)
Training Rider: Gabrielle Hutchison & Straight Moonshine (30.5)
Open Novice: Sarah Kuhn & F.o.f. Grey Gatsby (34.7)
Beginner Novice Rider: Marla Doran & Miss Tosonna (29.5)
Open Beginner Novice: Sydney Bolton & High Cotton (29.5)
Open Starter: Sarah Anderson & Cougars Approval (31.4)

Fleur de Leap H.T. [Website] [Results]
Training: Sydney Schultz & Baciami (39.6)
Novice: Rebecca Smedley Bella Octavia (31.4)
Beginner Novice A: Angela Gottler & Caan’s Man In Black (24.3)
Beginner Novice B: Lori Tucker & Paisley (36.0)
Starter A: Victoria Sudkamp & Gallagher (31.7)
Starter B: Sydney Schultz & Jacarda (31.2)

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A good boy, a proud mom :)

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Las Cruces H.T. [Website] [Results]
Training A: Christie Jones & Claudio (25.5)
Training B: Mary Hanson & Dance All Night (31.0)
Novice Junior: Hailey Dahlstrom & Stetson (28.8)
Novice Senior A: Laura Worl Kober & Sterling Impression (28.1)
Novice Senior B: Kimberly Storm & Bucky O’Hanlian (30.8)
Beginner Novice Junior: Tory Shulman & Sirius (43.8)
Beginner Novice Senior A: Cassandra Majeski & Nonchalant (27.0)
Beginner Novice Senior B: Denise Krause-Spangler & NZ Lark (28.3)
CT Pre-Competition Open: Kathleen Knight & PartyLikeARockStar (83.2)
Pre-Competition-Open: Shannon Walker & Freedom Jet (44.1)
Starter A: Dulce Wassil & J Z Scotty (36.4)
Starter B: Kristi Gottsponer & Platinum Pro (36.9)

Congrats to all. Go Eventing!