Weekend Winners: Stable View, Sporting Days, Three Lakes, Galway Downs

Move over, Super Bowl — we know where the real action was at this weekend!

An extra high-five to our lowest scoring finishers in the country this weekend, Matthew Bryner and Va Va Voom! The pair scored a 20.2 to win their division of Open Training at Three Lakes at Caudle Ranch H.T.

Here are your weekend winners:

Stable View Winter H.T. [Website] [Results]
*Ran on Wednesday, but we’re going to count this as “Weekend” anyway! Check out EN’s recap of the event here.
Open Preliminary-A: Andrew McConnon & Bossinova (30.8)
Open Preliminary-B: Waylon Roberts & Fortunate Rebel (30.0)
Preliminary Jr/Young Riders: Katherine Christopher & Frodo of the Shire (45.7)
Preliminary Rider: Morgan Batton & Toby The Coal Man (35.6)
Open Training: Lindsay Beer & El Caballero (26.4)
Training Rider: Elizabeth Welker-Ebling & Santana II (31.4)
Novice Rider: Campbell Jones & Aura CF (25.5)
Open Novice: Waylon Roberts & FE Lobo (24.5)
Beginner Novice Rider: Nancy Z. Wilson & Lagerfeld (30.0)
Open Beginner Novice: Alison Eastman-Lawler & Lexington II (26.8)

Sporting Days Farm H.T. [Website] [Results]
Intermediate/Preliminary: Samantha Bielawski & Stick with Richie (52.9)
Open Preliminary: Ryan Wood & Chusin My Confession (31.3)
Preliminary Rider: Jackie LeMastus & Indian Mill (27.8)
Preliminary/Training: Tate Northrop & Fine With Me (36.9)
Open Training-A: Tim Bourke & Chantilly All Quality (26.1)
Open Training-B: Susan Thomas & Fleaux Easy (32.3)
Training Rider-A: Louis Rogers & Mighty Himself (35.2)
Training Rider-B: Margot C. Luria & Truly Wonderful (31.1)
Novice Rider-A: Courtney Calnan & Little Black Dress (28.3)
Novice Rider-B: Gloria Huber & Dancing Queen (24.3)
Open Novice-A: Lindsay Beer & Billy Shamrock (20.7)
Open Novice-B: Megan McGrain & Dandy Lion (32.1)
Beginner Novice Rider-A: Lisa Edinger & Woodstock Checkmate (23.0)
Beginner Novice Rider-B: Erin Buckner & Picassi (33.8)
Open Beginner Novice-A: Lillian Heard & Commanding Curve (31.8)
Open Beginner Novice-B: Mia Petersen & SkyFlex (34.5)
Starter: Tiffany Warren & Sherlock (Next In Line) (34.2)

Three Lakes at Caudle Ranch H.T. [Website] [Results]
Intermediate / Preliminary: Katherine Coleman & Colorfast (26.9)
Open Preliminary: Jennifer Brannigan & Subiaco (21.7)
Preliminary Rider: Georgia Dillard & Galileo WP (31.3)
Open Training-A: Matthew Bryner & Va Va Voom (20.2)
Open Training-B: Hannah Sue Burnett & RF Overdressed (20.8)
Training Rider: Kristin Rubash & Capone (34.7)
Novice Rider: Leanne Fitzgerald & Ardeo Michelangelo (25.2)
Open Novice-A: Joe Meyer & Chilli Bean (26.2)
Open Novice-B: Stephanie Cauffman & Lamondale Florinia (24.8)
Beginner Novice Rider: Ellis Dillard & Normandys’s Coles’ Clover (28.1)
Open Beginner Novice: Caroline Martin & Jewel (28.6)

Galway Downs H.T. [Website] [Results]
Open Intermediate: Auburn Excell-Brady & BSP Tuxedo (56.3)
Open Preliminary: Erin Kellerhouse & Woodford Reserve (23.9)
Preliminary Rider-A: Jordan Crabo & Over Easy (30.1)
Preliminary Rider-B: Sarah Lipetz & Southern Belle (29.4)
Jr. Training Rider: Savannah Carter & Ballustree Dun Believable (34.2)
Open Training: Erin Kellerhouse & Axiom DF (29.8)
Sr. Training Rider: Julia Brittain & Haiku (29.1)
Jr. Novice Rider: Tyler Leary & Made You Look (27.1)
Open Novice: Gina Economou & Swizzle (21.2)
Sr. Novice Rider: Bethany Serafin & Winslow (35.7)
Intro Rider: Nicole Petersen & Armi (36.9)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider: Kasey Hansen & Mr. Bluesky (26.7)
Open Beginner Novice: Erin Kellerhouse & Reverie GWF (24.8)
Open Intro: Adelaide Rudkin & Francesca (35.0)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider: Joshua Saltman & Chacco (34.3)

Behind every blue ribbon, there’s a story.

To my heroic grey horse, thank you thank thank you, for helping me get back to this level..11 years of trials and…

Posted by Juli Hutchings-Sebring on Sunday, February 3, 2019

Congrats to all. Go Eventing!