Weekend Winners: USEA Year-End Awards + Full Gallop Farm

For this week’s edition of Weekend Winners, we’re recognizing all of the Year-End Award winners announced by the USEA over the weekend. Typically, these winners would be recognized as a part of the Annual Meeting, but this portion of the proceedings has been scheduled instead for January 8, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. EST on Zoom. Scroll down to view this year’s Year-End Awards.

The final recognized event of 2020 is in the books as Full Gallop Farm had its December horse trials over the weekend. On that note, our final Unofficial Low Score Award winner of the year is Lauren Alexander, who won her Training division aboard Excel Star Over The Moon on a score of 28.8. This pair has a handful of wins together, and this weekend is their third win at the Training level. Many congratulations!

Full Gallop Farm December H.T.: Final Results

Preliminary: Daryl Kinney and Moneyball (34.9)
Preliminary/Training: Daryl Kinney and Punch It (34.3)
Training: Lauren Alexander and Excel Star Over The Moon (28.8)
Novice: Taylor Berlin and Carlingford Castle (33.3)
Training/Novice: Amy Wise Walker and Ruger (29.0)
Beginner Novice: Kerry Tracey and Big Bear’s Cor Dei Cor (30.0)
Starter: Lauren Lindsay and FGF Holdum (34.4)

USEA Annual Meeting: Year-End Award Winners

Year-End Leaderboards by Level

Beginner Novice:

  • Junior Rider – Riley Jones
  • Intercollegiate Rider – Jessica Wymbs
  • Young Adult Rider – Ansleigh Craven and Morgan Scudder
  • Adult Amateur Rider – Jennifer Brown
  • Adult Rider – Casey Locklear
  • Master Amateur Rider – Heather Sinclair
  • Master Rider – Ann Schliemann and Brenda Hutton
  • Horse – Señor Santana


  • Junior Rider – Tessa Geven
  • Intercollegiate Rider – Paige Ansaldi
  • Young Adult Rider – Paige Ansaldi
  • Adult Amateur Rider – Lily Barlow
  • Adult Rider – Megan Edwards
  • Master Amateur Rider – Brooke Kahl
  • Master Rider – Alison Eastman-Lawler
  • Horse – Lexington III


  • Junior Rider – Carlin Keefe
  • Intercollegiate Rider – Mikayla Kearney
  • Young Adult Rider – Lea Adams-Blackmore
  • Adult Amateur Rider – Skylar Rowen
  • Adult Rider – Heidi Crowell
  • Master Amateur Rider – Natalie Epstein
  • Master Rider – Beth Murphy
  • Horse – Herr Winzig


  • Junior Rider – Ella Kay Lane
  • Intercollegiate Rider – Kaley Crosby
  • Young Adult Rider – Kaley Crosby
  • Adult Amateur Rider – Kelsey Hoiness
  • Adult Rider – Kelly Ransom
  • Master Amateur Rider – Micheline Jordan
  • Master Rider – Carolyn Wehle
  • Horse – Shirseen Ice


  • Junior Rider – Katarina Midgley
  • Intercollegiate Rider – Ryan Keefe and Audrey Sanborn
  • Young Adult Rider – Camryn Holcomb
  • Adult Amateur Rider – Arden Wildasin
  • Adult Rider – Caroline Martin
  • Master Amateur Rider – Pedro Gutierrez
  • Master Rider – Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp
  • Horse – Maryville Sir Henry
  • 6-Year-Old Horse – Vandyke


  • Young Rider – Katie Lichten
  • Intercollegiate Rider – Katie Lichten
  • Adult Amateur Rider – Marley Stone Bourke
  • Adult Rider – Boyd Martin
  • Master Amateur Rider – Asia Vedder
  • Horse – Lady Chatterley
  • 7-Year-Old Horse – Cooley Stormwater


  • Young Adult Rider – Madison Temkin
  • Adult Amateur Rider – Ashlynn Meuchel
  • Adult Rider – Boyd Martin
  • Master Amateur Rider – Kevin Keane
  • Horse – Luke 140

USEA Overall Year-End Awards

  • Lowest Score at Waredaca Classic Series Training Three-Day: Ema Klugman
  • Sunsprite Warmblood Volunteer of the Year: James Newman
  • RevitaVet USEA Young Rider of the Year – Linda Moore Trophy: Benjamin Noonan
  • USEA Adult Amateur of the Year – Col. Allen D. Smith Memorial Trophy: Arden Wildasin
  • Bates USEA Lady Rider of the Year – Essie Perkins Trophy: Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp
  • Bates USEA Mare of the Year – Frolicsome Trophy: Lady Chatterley
  • SmartPak USEA Stallion of the Year – Windfall Trophy: M Crème De La Crème SE (Claire de Lune SE x Zathalida SE)
  • SmartPak USEA Pony of the Year – Theodore O’Connor Trophy: Seńor Santana
  • Standlee Premium Western Forage USEA Horse of the Year – Caser Trophy: Luke 140
  • World Equestrian Brands USEA Rider of the Year – Windy Acres Farm Trophy: Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp

USEA Special Awards

  • USEA Groom of the Year: Rachel Livermore, groom to Sharon White
  • Vintage Cup (for members 60 and over): Lorilee Hanson
  • Cornerstone Instructor’s Award (for lower level instructors): Elizabeth Tuckey, Stephanie Baer, Brad Hall
  • Instructors’ Certification Program Sue Hershey Award (for ICP certified instructors): John Camlin
  • Ironmaster Trophy (for fortitude and courage): Lynn Kilsavage
  • Andrew H. Popiel Memorial Trophy (for event organizers): Jonathan Elliott
  • Governor’s Cup (for those working behind the scenes): Ben Ascani, Jean and James Moyer, Dr. Mark Hart

Broussard Charitable Foundation Trust Grants

2020 Broussard Going Forward Educational Grants

Horse Immersion Program:

  • Patricia “Peaches” Cava

Instructors’ Certification Program:

  • Laura Vello
  • Gina Pletch
  • Michael Graham

Eventing Officials “r” Training Program:

  • Jeanie Clarke
  • Jennifer Rousseau
  • John Meriwether