Weekend Winners: We’re Back, Baby!

The off-season seems to get a bit shorter each year, but a large part of my score-stalking self doesn’t complain about this as I eagerly pull up results from the first weekend of the 2022 season. It was a relatively quiet one, but it was just the first of many as the year begins in earnest.

We saw riders competing at one recognized event and several schooling combined tests this weekend. This year during Weekend Winners, we want to do more to recognize the awesome schooling opportunities around the country, so we’ve added a new section below for Instagram features and links from some of the unrecognized events happening each week.

Majestic Oaks Ocala H.T. (Ocala, Fl.): Final Scores

Open Preliminary: Leslie Law and Fupsilon Grande Lande (23.7)
Preliminary Rider: Ella Strote and Karmic Calling (31.1)
Open Training A: Devin Robel and Gilou (27.9)
Open Training B: Catherine Pournelle and MTF Cooley Knight (25.2)
Open Training C: Maya Black and FE Chardonnay (22.4)
Training Rider A: Tawnie Anderson and Gorgeous In Grey (34.5)
Training Rider B: Claire Williams and In Vogue (26.7)
Novice Rider A: Cherye Huber and Sam I Am (28.2)
Novice Rider B: Corey Jarman and Fernhill Joker (28.6)
Open Novice A: Delaney Emerson and Namiro Star (27.5)
Open Novice B: Ariel Grald and HSF Leamore Last Call (21.7)
Open Novice C: Caroline Martin and As Good As Cash (20.0)
Beginner Novice Rider A: Kristen Ayers and Pack Leader (30.6)
Beginner Novice Rider B: Emma Miklos and Fernhill Full Throttle (30.3)
Open Beginner Novice A: Caroline Martin and Redfield Rolex (22.2)
Open Beginner Novice B: Leah Lang-Gluscic and Kubo Cat (30.6)
Starter-Intro: Brenda Hutton and True Taste (29.9)

Meanwhile, several schooling shows and combined tests also ran at popular venues Stable View (SC), Carolina Horse Park (NC), and Ram Tap (CA). These are excellent ways to compete without so much breaking of the bank. Let’s face it: this sport is costly! Whether you’re a green rider, you have a green horse, or you’re simply saving as much green as you can, consider a well-organized schooling event to stay sharp through the season.

This year, we’ll be featuring more of these unrecognized events right here on EN as we understand their importance in the ecosystem that is our sport. If we want to grow the sport, we have to also support the opportunities that represent lower costs and greater fun — isn’t that what it’s all about?

Be sure to tag us in your public social media posts using #goeventing and/or #weekendwinners so we can feature you in a future edition of this column.

First up, let’s visit our friends at Stable View in Aiken, Sc., where the first combined test of the new year is in the books. Many riders will return later this month and next for the Aiken Open H.T. as well as the start of the 2022 Stable View Eventing Academy.

Next, let’s visit the Pipe Opener CT at Carolina Horse Park — this was the first of many similar events hosted at the popular North Carolina venue, and entries for Pipe Opener II open on January 19. Carolina Horse Park is also home to the War Horse Event Series, a popular unrecognized eventing competition with several dates each season.

And last but certainly not least, we’re sending a very warm welcome back to Ram Tap (which had been known as Fresno County Horse Park for the past few years), which hosted its first combined test under its new-old name in northern California this weekend.

We’re thrilled for new Ram Tap owner Terry Hilst, who has put her heart and soul into the sport and venue — stay tuned for a more in-depth feature on her labor of love coming soon here on EN.

You can view more opportunities happening at Ram Tap in 2022 here.