Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin

Let’s kick off this week’s edition of Weekly OTTB Wishlist with another off-track Thoroughbred success story from the 2016 American Eventing Championships.

Second Stride Graduate spotlight: Dick’s Gamble… Winning Prelim team competition at the AEC! He was turned down by…

Posted by Second Stride, Inc. on Thursday, September 8, 2016

Congrats to Deborah and Maxfli! And much love to Second Stride, an organization dedicated to giving Thoroughbreds who have given their all on the track a fighting chance for a new career. Second Stride’s next big fundraiser takes place this Thursday, Sept. 15. via Give Local Louisville — learn more by visiting the Second Stride website here.

And now, for this week’s batch of want-need-have-to-have OTTBs we handpicked three athletic looking bay mares we’d love to see inside a cross country start box!

Photo via CANTER Illinois.

Photo via CANTER Illinois.

Summer Lassie (Summer Bird – Lemon Pop Lassie, by Lemon Drop Kid) is the chillest filly on the backside.

This 3-year-old is a no-fuss, no-muss kinda gal. Very sweet and gentle. Measured with a stick at a hair under 16 hands, which means she’ll grow to be an inch or two taller. So kind and sweet, great eye and overall demeanor. She has six career starts and shows no promise as a racehorse. She does however look to be an excellent sport horse prospect! Located in Illinois.

View Summer Lassie on CANTER Illinois.

Photo via New Vocations.

Photo via New Vocations.

Moon Princess (Songandaprayer – Moonlit Lake, by Salt Lake) is a 2012 16.1/2 hand mare who has the look of the Unbridled line and inherited the sweet, kind personality as well.

Moon has a good work ethic and tries to do what is asked, but is still body tight from racing, loosening up a bit as she works. So she will benefit from long and low flat work to allow her to stretch her top line and in time lateral work to gain the flexibility she is lacking right now. She has started to grasp the concept in just a few short rides, showing she has a good brain.

With that said she would be suitable for an upper intermediate rider working with a trainer or an advanced rider who can formulate a good game plan for her training, keeping an eye on her fitness level, knowing when to increase her workload as she can handle it. Moon retired from racing due to lack of competitiveness and has no vices. It is hard not to give her the attention she asks for because she is so happy to receive it and is an easy mare to handle and be around. Located in Maryville, Ohio.

View Moon Princess on New Vocations.

Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Morning Headache (Repent – Salty Ruckus, by Salt Lake) is a 2011 16.1-hand dappled beauty. She wins FLF volunteers’ prize for the prettiest horse they have photographed this year: solid bodied beautiful conformation, dazzling dapples, an elegant and pretty head, great shoulder, top line and hind end!

She is ready to find a new career because even though she has been in the money in 14 of her 20 starts, this year she has not been as successful on the track. She is described as sound, quiet, well behaved and a real sweetheart. Located in Farmington, New York.

View Morning Headache on Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.