Weekly OTTB Wishlist Presented by Cosequin: $100k Club

You’ve got to love a war horse. With these horses you know that you’re getting a horse with heart, athleticism and toughness. They gave it their all on the track and did very well for their connections. Recognizing this, the connections of these horses want the best for their charges and are rehoming them through wonderful organizations across the country and giving them the chance to show their heart in a second career as well.

The horses we are featuring today have earned their connections over $100,000 in winnings at the track. Will winning your heart be their next great feat?

Husky Clipper. Photo via CANTER IL.

Husky Clipper (PURE PRIZE – MIKI’S MELODY, BY APTITUDE): 2012 16.3-hand Kentucky-bred gelding

This seven-year-old is beautifully built and extremely well bred; he fetched $350,000 in the Ocala Breeder’s Sale as a two-year-old. He only made back about a third of that for his connections, however, earning $127,732 in 44 starts.

Husky Clipper is more of marathoner as opposed to a sprinter: he likes the longer races, which aren’t held as commonly. Therefore the reason he’s being sold, despite his relative success as a racehorse, is that it’s getting harder for his connections to find races to enter him in. This is too bad for Husky Clipper’s connections, but it’s great for anyone looking for an event horse prospect! Husky Clipper raced just last week and looks sound as a pound. He’s eligible for the 2019 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover.

Located at Fairmount Park Race Track in Collinsville, Illinois.

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Golden Causeway. Photo via Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.

Golden Causeway (GIANT’S CAUSEWAY – IN THE GOLD, BY GOLDEN MISSILE): 2008 16.0-hand Kentucky-bred gelding

Golden Causeway has been well-cared for by the same owner/trainer for the majority of his 63 race and $116,075 career. He stayed quite competitive through his ten-year-old year, but as an eleven-year-old he’s now beginning to drop back in the standings, signaling to his connections that it’s time to for him to begin a new chapter.

Just because Golden Causeway is a smidge slower on the track than he used to be, doesn’t mean he’s ready to slow down overall. Now under saddle at Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center (MMSC) “Causeway” shows up to work everyday eager to please and learn new things. The MMSC staff are finding him to be a brave and quick leaner – he’s even already mastered crossrail courses — and think that he’s truly a good event horse in the making due to his bravery and quick learning style. Plus, he’s a sweetheart on the ground! Causeway’s last race was in September 2018 which makes him 2019 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover eligible as well.

Located at MMSC The Ranch in Frankfort, Illinois.

View Golden Causeway on Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.

Chesapeake Bay. Photo via Second Stride.

Chesapeake Bay (NOT FOR LOVE – BACCATA, BY BAEDERWOOD): 2015 16.0-hand Maryland-bred gelding

If you’re looking to give a really deserving solid citizen a great home, while still also being able to enjoy a riding horse then Chesapeake Bay is the one for you. This now fourteen-year old earned a total of $125,373 in a 54-start racing career which spanned from 2009 through 2011. Chesapeake Bay had some foot issues in 2018 which are now resolved, but will require some continued long-term care. The right adopter who is willing to give him the care he deserves will benefit from a waived adoption fee! Despite his feet needing some TLC, he’s being ridden regularly at all gaits in an arena and is doing very well.

Located at Moserwood Farm in Prospect, Kentucky.

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