WEG Happy Hour: Two Americans in Grand Prix Special Top 10, Dujardin Wins Again

The top 30 riders from the Grand Prix competition moved forward to the Grand Prix Special today, and it was the Charlotte Dujardin game again as she and Valegro claimed the top prize. Despite having a few errors in her test, Charlotte and Valegro earned an 86.120% to win over Germany’s Helen Langehanenberg and Damon Hill NRW, who earned an 84.468%.

Images courtesy of FEI TV.

Images courtesy of FEI TV.

Germany also picked up third position with Kristina Sprehe and Desperados FRH, who scored a 79.762%.

The U.S. had a good day today, and first time WEG rider Laura Graves and Verdades slid into the top 10 in eighth position after scoring a 77.157%. Steffan Peters with Legolas 92 scored a 75.742% for 10th place overall; both will move into the Freestyle competition on Friday.


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Para-dressage horses and riders also competed today, with Hannelore Brenner and Women of the World continuing their domination in the Grade III competition to clinch the individual gold medal. This is a sentimental championship year for Hannelore, who has said that this may well be her last championship attempt with her 19-year-old mare.

The top seven riders from the Grade III competition will move into the Freestyle competition on Friday:

  1. Hannelore Brennan (GER) – Women Of The World
  2. Sanne Voets (NED) – Vedet PB N.O.P
  3. Susanne Jensby Sunesen (DEN) – Thy’s Que Faire
  4. Ann Cathrin Lubbe (NOR) – Porsborggaardens Donatello
  5. Annika Lykke Risum (DEN) – Aros A Fenris
  6. Roberta Sheffield (CAN) – Bindro T
  7. Steffen Zeibig (GER) – Feel Good 4

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