Welcoming C4 Belts as EN’s Newest Sponsor + Exclusive Promo Code

Photo by Lorraine Peachey Photo by Lorraine Peachey

Eventers are well known for being fashion conscious, from the classic adornment of black and white on dressage day to the meticulous coordination of colors for cross country. So why shouldn’t we have colorful belts as accessory options? That’s where C4 Belts, our newest sponsor here on EN, comes in.

How did the idea for these colorful belts come to fruition? A visit to Asia spurred the creativity between four friends, who noticed on a visit to Shanghai that their idea of fashion was behind the times, specifically when it came to belts. In the U.S. the leather belt had long been the staple, but what happened when the leather cracked or when only a handful of neutral colors was available?

With some experimentation, growing from the concept of a silicone watch band that offered more options, the friends landed on the rubbery plastic used in snowmobile treads and set about creating a revolutionary new product that would bring fashion sense to the belt industry. With that, C4 was born.

Colors galore! Photo by Colleen Peachey.

Colors galore! Photo by Colleen Peachey.

Today, C4’s mission is “To promote Individuality through quality fashion accessories that gives back.” What does this mean, exactly? It means that whenever you purchase a C4 belt, you have the option to choose a charity to receive at least 10% of the purchase amount. To date, those causes have included the Boys and Girls Club, Best Friends Animal Society, and many more.

C4 has recently made waves in the equestrian world, popping up in vendor booths and tack stores all over the country. They’ve partnered with several fashion friendly eventers who proudly model C4’s wares around their waists. We’ve even reviewed the C4 belt here on EN and were thrilled with the color options and easy fit of the belts.

Lainey Ashker & Co. love their C4 belts! Photo via Lainey on Facebook.

Lainey Ashker & Co. love their C4 belts! Photo via Lainey on Facebook.

We’re excited to have C4 onboard with us as our newest sponsor, and to commemorate the occasion, C4 is offering an exclusive promo code for EN readers for 10% off the purchase of a belt. Just use the code ENC4 this week only to receive your discount and become the proud owner of a brand new belt of your color choice. You can start shopping by clicking here.

Welcome aboard, C4, and Go Eventing!

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