Well Wishes For Beloved Area VIII Trainer Nadeem Noon

Photo via the Nadeem Noon Support Fund Facebook page. Photo via the Nadeem Noon Support Fund Facebook page.

The eventing community is rallying around Nadeem Noon, a cornerstone of Area VIII eventing who is suffering from a serious condition called Amyloidosis, which has caused serious damage to his heart and other vital organs.

Nadeem is a warm, friendly presence at events who has guided countless students toward accomplishing their riding goals from his Up-n-Over Stables in Bloomington, Ind. In addition to competing through the three-star level in eventing and Prix St. Georges in dressage, he is a USEA Level 3 Certified Instructor and coached the Indiana University Equestrian Hunt Seat Team for over 20 years.

Photo via Nadeem Noon's Facebook page.

Photo via Nadeem Noon’s Facebook page.

From the Nadeem Noon Support Fund Facebook page:

“A group of area eventers/dressage riders are coordinating efforts to assist a well-known member of our equestrian community, Nadeem Noon. Nad is suffering from a condition called Amyloidosis. This condition causes serious changes in virtually every organ of the body, including the kidneys, heart, and lungs. Nad has experienced significant damage to his heart, but is unable to be placed on the donor list for a new heart, as his other organs have also been compromised.

“In an effort to offset the significant medical expenses and loss of income, Nadeem has become eligible to receive funds via the Equestrian Aid Foundation (EAF). For those who are not familiar with the EAF, it is a 501(c)3 organization started by prominent equine professionals in 1996. Its mission is to provide grant-based assistance to horsemen and equine-related professionals suffering from illness or catastrophic injuries.

“The EAF is dedicated to helping people of all ages and from all backgrounds and disciplines, offering funding for medical, rehabilitation and essential expenses. Financial support from EAF is provided directly to the petitioning equestrian or their representative. Funds donated to EAF are used to provide various essentials that may include medical needs, health insurance, food and housing, transportation, physical therapy and more.

“Last weekend at the Flying Cross event, trainers donated their time by holding course walks in which all proceeds went to the EAF. We hope to continue this and other EAF fund-raising efforts at events over the next several months.

“In a note read at the Flying Cross Competitor’s party, Nad wrote, ‘We are all so very fortunate to enjoy the camaraderie, fellowship, and support of the wonderful people who surround us today. Take a moment to look around and notice all that we have here: caring generous instructors, devoted hard-working students, sacrificing parents, tireless volunteers and, of course, the horses that elevate us to dizzying heights. I am thankful beyond words to be part of the community of incredible individuals.’

Please join us in our support of Nadeem Noon. We love you, Nad!”

You can help by making a donation to the Equestrian Aid Foundation. Please leave the memo line of the check blank and send to Attn: Nadeem Noon Support Fund at Bearded Dog Farms (20761 County Line Road / Sheridan, IN, 46069),  Mary Lowry at Alta Vista Farms (2114 Liberty Lane / Goshen, KY, 40026) or Flying Cross Farms (9220 Hwy. 42 / Skylight, KY, 40026), or to Linda Kimbell or Chris Duke. Please mark “Attn: Nadeem Noon Support Funds” on your envelope only.

In addition to direct donations, other fundraising efforts are underway. Visit the Nadeem Noon Support Fund Facebook page for details. Our thoughts are with Nadeem, his family and friends during this difficult time. Up ‘n’ over, Nadeem!

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