‘What Is the Story Behind Chinch?’ Contest, Presented by Cavalor: Your Winning Theories!

Chinch in his natural party habitat. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Nobody — except EN’s elusive founder/publisher John — knows how all this chinchilla business got started. It’s simply been a part of EN since the very beginning, almost 10 years ago, and it’s taken on a life of its own.

Over the years he has been groped by riders, stuffed into trophies, strangled by Olympians, wet-willied by dogs, force-fed booze, hurled through the air, given the stink-eye by people who just don’t get it, eaten alive by cross-country jumps, propped up at press conferences and mobbed by fans.

From national championships to four-star events (he’s been to them all except Adelaide — 2017 goal?) to the Olympic Games, we have shamelessly pimped him out on social media, exploiting his complete and total inability to defend himself against our paparazzi tactics. Because, you know, he’s a stuffed animal.

But what is the story behind Chinch, anyway? Why is the mascot of an eventing website a … chinchilla? Only one person on this earth knows, John, and he’s not saying. But that won’t stop our imaginations!

At the distinctly Chinch-themed EN Rolex Tailgate Party we asked readers to submit their best conspiracy theories for a chance to win one of three prize buckets from our friends at Cavalor!

The grand prize winners, selected by John and a committee of Lexington craft brew beers, are as follows…

“The Chinch is one of Michael Jung’s horcruxes.” — Elena Strauman

“Chinch is a Russian spy employed by Putin to infiltrate the eventing community.” — Mary Hollis Baird

“I heard he was mystically formed through hoof clippings from Charisma, a single hair from Boyd’s head and a tear from P. Dutty.” — Kari Lyman

Honorable mentions:

“Adopted from CANTER Iowa after an amusing career on the track, where he was owned by a 3-year-old.” — Madelyn Boutte

“Friday night in Vegas gone wrong.” — Alex Ambelang

“Chinch was a former four-star rider who made a deal with a witch. She won Rolex and then had to spend the rest of her life in chinchilla form!” — Shannon Ryan

“Chinch is like Jason Bourne with fur.” — Caroline Ring

“Michael Jung’s spirit animal sent to teach us eventing magic.” — Emily Holland

Horcrux, spirit animal … seems plausible. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Well-played, EN. Many thanks to Cavalor for sponsoring this contest, as well as providing prizes for the 2017 Rolex Groom Award and Rolex Trivia.

Chinch’s 2017 Rolex Photo Diary:

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