Wrap Your Horse’s Legs, Win a STAYONS Prize Pack from Hamilton BioVet

EN loves STAYONS! Photo via Hamilton BioVet website. EN loves STAYONS! Photo via Hamilton BioVet website.

With it being holiday season and all, we got to thinking about gift wrapping. Some of us are gift wrapping creative geniuses, others tend to throw items in a gift bag and call it a day. Which category do you fall into?

In honor of the massive amounts of gift wrapping that is happening as we speak, we thought we’d launch a new contest for a chance to win a STAYONS Instant Poultice Wraps┬áprize pack, courtesy of Hamilton BioVet. If you haven’t checked out these easy, convenient wraps, be sure to check out our review here.

So, what do you need to do to submit an entry? Wrap your horse’s legs using gift wrap, bubble wrap, scarves or anything else creative you can find laying around and email it to us at [email protected] by 5 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 18.

We’ll select finalists out of the entries and submit them to a poll to determine the winner. Let’s get creative, EN! Good luck!

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