Your Adelaide CCI4* Fact Sheet, Presented by EquiRatings

Graphic and statistics courtesy of EquiRatings. Graphic and statistics courtesy of EquiRatings.

The final CCI4* of the season begins its dressage competition tomorrow, and we’re eagerly anticipating one last weekend of big-time eventing action before we really get into the winter lull.

Our good friends over at EquiRatings made up this handy fact sheet in preparation for Adelaide and it’s a great comparison for the number nerds out there.

It’s interesting to note that Adelaide has the highest completion percentage of all six CCI4* but also the lowest percentage to go clear without jump or time penalties across country. The average dressage score is also higher than the average, with just one under-40 dressage test coming in 2013.

We are excited to see how true to these averages this year’s field stays — or if we’ll see someone buck the trends. The CCI2* dressage completed today and the CCI4* will begin their tests tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned for more from Adelaide, and thanks to EquiRatings for putting together this great fact sheet.