5-Minute Clinic: Amy Barrington


Amy and Gallerone winning the Novice Horse division at the 2011 AECs. (Photo by Leslie Threlkeld, courtesty of USEA.)
“5-Minute Clinic” is a new EN series in which we interrogate top riders at gunpoint politely ask top riders to share their favorite training exercises with readers. It’s our way of saving you money on lessons bringing you valuable schooling tips that you can take home and incorporate into your own training programs.
Our first 5-Minute Clinic comes from Amy Barrington, an event rider/trainer based out of Winding River Farm in Tryon, NC, who has competed through the three-star level. Amy is one of the best jump riders in the business, having had only one rail with her current Intermediate partner, Roxie, in their last 13 starts. Most recently, at the River Glen Horse Trials in November, she and Roxie were the only pair of eight in their OI division to post a double-clear stadium round.
Not surprisingly, when we showed up in Amy’s ring with a video camera asked Amy to be our inaugural 5-Minute Clinician, she had a useful exercise to share. It involves the triple-combination, that sea of painted rails where many a heart has been shipwrecked and many a ribbon thrown overboard. In this hostage situation EN exclusive, Amy explains and demonstrates an exercise you can practice at home to prepare for a successful combination at your next event.



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