#EventerProblems Vol. 97: Winter Is Coming, Part II

Go ahead and unpack those cozy sweaters, admire the cascading leaves, bask in the brilliant glow of late autumn. Soak up the season while you can because we’ve got bad news for you, suckers: The end is nigh.

All around the Eventing Nation, readers have been seeing the signs, heeding the omens and ‘Gramming ominous proof that winter is just around the corner. Here’s a sampling of the struggles that lie ahead, starting with an #EventerProblem from EN’s own Leslie Threlkeld:

Insult to injury… #horsesofinstagram #fall #fail #eventerproblems #equestrian

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Body clipping day! ✂️#thisismyhorseondrugs

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If I have enough mud on me I won't have to do dressage, right? #eventerproblems #ottb #arlo

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Go Eventing.