#FlashbackFriday Video from World Equestrian Brands: Nicholson Takes Badminton

Andrew Nicholson and Nereo. Photo by Nico Morgan Media.

Badminton week is in full swing, and, as ever, it brings with it incredible tales of bravery, gumption, sacrifice, and tenacity to succeed against the odds. As we prepare to go into tomorrow’s cross country day – which looks set to be incredibly influential – we’ve taken a bit of a breather to reminisce about how last year played out.

The man who has won nearly everything had never won at Badminton. But on his 37th attempt, and on the comeback trail from the crashing fall that nearly ended his career in 2015, Andrew Nicholson won it in 2017, riding the stalwart Nereo – and to say that it was an emotional win would be, perhaps, the understatement of the year. From the rider-led three cheers in the collecting ring, to the sea of hugs, to the tears – was there a dry eye in the house? – we felt, perhaps, as though we’d seen the most exciting Badminton victory we’d ever get the chance to witness.

But Badminton never disappoints – and we’re so excited to see its story unfold again this weekend. In the meantime, as you count down the hours until the start of the cross-country, bask once more in the glow of last year’s magic…

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