Friday News & Notes from Kentucky Equine Research

Maybe the cutest groom at Ocala CCI2*. Photo courtesy of Windsor Equestrian Center FB.

I entered my baby OTTB, Turkey, in his first three phase event for this weekend (which is also his birthday weekend!) so obviously as soon as I sent the entry in, the world decided to conspire against me. That night, he pulled a hind shoe, which I’m not super familiar with, but he’s an expert. I think it has to do with his penchant for rearing straight up and spinning around when he’s in turnout, for funzies, you know. Then, I look at the weather forecast and there is a straight up hurricane predicted for the entire day of the show. Perfect. Can’t wait.

National Holiday: National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Major Events:

Belton International H.T. [Website] [Entries & Ride Times] [Results]

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Fair Hill CIC & H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Results]

Ocala International CCI & H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Results]

Twin Rivers CIC & H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Fence H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Live Results]

New From Around the Globe:

In its 30th year, Fair Hill kicks off its International Horse Trials today. Dressage for the CIC3*, CIC2*, Advanced and Intermediate start today on the Gallaher side of the property, with show jumping in the same main arena on Saturday morning and cross country in the afternoon. Lots of riders are using this event as a last prep for Kentucky, so it’s definitely one to watch! [30 Years of Eventing at Fair Hill]

Trainers: we’re not hard to shop for. We appreciate the kind of stuff that we can legitimately use day in and day out, and will keep our poor bodies functioning so we can keep teaching you, and live to see another day with relatively little pain. Think about coffee mugs that keep your nectar of the gods beverage hot for hours and hours. Sun protection? Check. Comfy socks? Yeah, we like those too. [Gifts Your Trainer Will Love]

We love nothing more than pretty pictures of beautiful horses at competitions. Galway Downs was just two weeks ago, but we’re still reliving the glory with this incredible photo gallery from the USEA. [Through the Lens: Galway Downs]

Interested in learning how to think like an eventing dressage judge? Marilyn Payne’s Applewood Farm in Califon, New Jersey is hosting a Dressage Session II Training Program on May 7-8, where attendees will develop the judge’s eye by utilizing live horses and riders in full tests. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to get inside the judge’s head as well as see and hear the new 2018 USEF dressage tests dissected and explained by panelists Marilyn Payne and Cindy DePorter. [Get Inside the Judge’s Mind]

Want to gain insight into your horse’s fitness? Riders worldwide rely on KER ClockIt Sport. The free app helps take the guesswork out of equine fitness by monitoring heart rate, speed, distance, and altitude during rides. Here’s a demo from Saracen Horse Feeds, a partner of Kentucky Equine Research based in the UK, and Flora Young Eventing.