Friday Video and UK Notes from World Equestrian Brands: The (Hilarious) Truth about Life with Horses

In memory of, um, sunnier times. Photo by Pontus Hugosson.

Guys. It’s happened. We’ve run out of opening dates and ballot dates. I’m distraught. I’ve clipped (and am now eating freshly shaved hair for every meal; delish), I’ve started mentally calculating what I’ll spend that extra tenner out of each shoeing session on, and I’ve bought some hilariously garish patent spur straps for my inevitable winter foray into actual dressage with actual dressage people. We’ve come to the bitter end.

But it’s not all bad – I’ve discovered the actual gem that is Pontus Hugosson, who has been serving up some steaming hot takes on life in the horse world. Need a laugh between all the tears? You’ll find it below. Ludwig, you’ve got some competition as EN’s top Swede. Send us some Swedish Fish and we’ll reconsider.

UK Weekend Preview

Friday Video: Pontus Hugosson Serves up Some Swedish Equestrian Realness

I mean, I genuinely feel targeted by most of these. You know you’ve been there (especially when it involves dumping a man in favour of your horse. #YOLO.)